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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Well begun is half done

Three things to be happy about
(1) long fingernails
(2) scented lotion
(3) short fingernails

Since I got my new PC I have the hardest time typing on the new keyboard!  My fingers just don't want to hit the right keys, and my fingernails don't help a lot.  Time for a manicure, I think...

I'm putting my bee's 10 yr anniversary swap quilt together and it's coming right along!

This is the sashing and cornerstone combo I chose (sorry Marei!!!) and I think it'll make an interesting setting.

Two rows put together already -  half the quilt!

Rather than adding an outer border I made the outer sashing wider and I'm extending the cornerstones out as part of the border.

Looking at this now I see a mistake that - thank goodness - it's not too late to correct!  Do you see what it is??   ;o)

Meanwhile I went out and got some new luggage, yaaaay for me!

Since my last trip I've been promising myself new luggage before I made another trip anywhere.  Macy's had a sale last weekend - half price with an additional 25% off, so how could I resist!

I chose a 21" and 25" Samsonite, those two sizes should take care of my needs with no problem.

This is one piece of the pitiful luggage it replaced - it has casters on the bottom and a strap you can clip on the end and roll.  One of the casters is slightly wonky and the bag flopped over - A LOT!

My new luggage has a retractable pull handle and multi-directional spinner wheels - I can move it with just one finger!

I got 4-wheel drive, baby!

Sew forth and sew on!


  1. Oooooohhhh luggage is always fun!

  2. Well.....at least there's red in your luggage! And what a nice looking red. I had to look really, really hard for your mistake. Is it the top border? Too narrow and the sashing under the second row is the wider one? Or is that just my old eyes? Your quilt is going to be great.

  3. I have seen much improvement in the design of luggage over the last years. Looks like you found a good choice.

  4. And just where are you going to head to try out this snazzy new luggage?


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