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Friday, May 16, 2014


Three things to be happy about:
(1) total recall
(2) fresh broccoli
(3) a typewriter keyboard

I'm still cutting 9" black and white strips for my strip twist quilt!  Surprisingly I didn't have too much black and white in my 2-1/2" bin.

That Moda at the far right is called Comma, by Brigitte Heitland for ZEN CHIC.  I'm pretty sure I bought this from Sauder's on last October's Lancaster shopping trip with the Faithful Circle quilters.  Pretty fabric!

These are the blocks I've completed so far.

I plan to scatter red throughout the quilt, not too many because I think less is more in this case!

Test layout, just to see how they look together!

This is how I will lay it though - 4 across and 5 down:

I'm getting there, no hurry on this one.  I'm trying to keep this as a leader-ender project while I do other stuff.  That's one way to ensure "other stuff" gets done!

I'm feeling more chipper today, thank goodness!  I popped a crown a couple months ago; the dentist put it back in but it needed replacing and besides, I had decay under it, yuck!  The removal and temp crown were no problem but somehow he managed to poke me under my tongue and made a small tear.   Feels better now, but woe was me since Monday!

It's very difficult to NOT chew on that side, forget salads for a couple weeks!

Do something creative, give yourself a treat, sew forth and sew on...


  1. I think your less is more idea of the red really is perfect.

  2. Oh! Oh! Oh! You're going to send this to Washington state when it's all done, right?

  3. Your Strip Twist is looking gorgeous, Linda.


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