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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Back to the blocks...

Three things to be happy about:
(1) safe drivers
(2) sage advice
(3) apple juice

Let's start with a road map of  the 10th anniversary block swap for Regina - hi Regina! *waving*

Our bee turned 10 last November, so to celebrate we had an anniversary block swap. We were divided into two groups, for example in a group of 12 each person made 12 blocks - one for herself and one for everybody else!

At the bee when the blocks were exchanged, each person got a block from everybody else in their group, so everybody ended up with 12 new blocks (I made the cake block).

The best part is that we get to keep our quilts, but no two will be exactly the same - clever!  Now we have to get busy and put our quilts together in time for the June 21 airing.

I collected 12 blocks but I wanted it bigger so I added enough to make a total of 16.

This house block I found was the correct size, so I just plopped a "10" on the roofline - perfect!

For a splash of brightness I made one of my lady designs on a yellow background,  just to be different.

Blue-green sashing and cornerstone fabrics ... sorry, no red for this one, it wanted to be blue!

Besides, I've been wanting to use this print fabric, I've had it awhile.

Well that's it for now, I'll share my progress as I go along.  The design is pretty straightforward, so it shouldn't take long to knock this one out.

Enjoy the turning of the weather, draw some color combinations from nature, sew forth and sew on!


  1. How cool a swap and how fun it will be to see everyone' quilts.

  2. HI Linda!!!!!!! Oh...I'm not the Regina you were waving to?...Oh...clears throat...gets down from table I was standing on and waving....I just assume every Regina addressed on the internet is ME. hahahahahaha.

    WOW!! You ladies are so creative! I am so in love with the ideas of 10 that people thought up. I would have had to pull some all nighters because I would have set up side swaps with everyone because I would have wanted one of each block!! The Tin man wins the prize for the best play on words.

  3. No RED?? Are you sure it wants to be blue? Are you SURE? OK, blue it'll be and I guess I can live with that....although it's YOUR quilt so I guess I won't be living with it. HA! Love the way all you talented ladies came up with "10" blocks.

  4. I think I hav to agree with you here -- it does seem to call for blue. Can't wait to see it completed.


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