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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just so...

Three things to be happy about:
(1) November's high clouds
(2) the CVS on the corner
(3) shopping on the internet

For some reason every time I go out and say to myself "I need to pick up some sun block while I'm out" - I have a mental blockage!  Three times I've meant to pick up some ... three times I've forgotten.  Thank goodness for the CVS close to me, I'll definitely get some when I go out today.  Hopefully...

Yesterday I did take two large garbage bags of clothing to the thrift store (it was good stuff, not garbage!) and that's out of the house, whew!  Why do we hold onto stuff we're never going to use??  With the exception of our stash, of course!  We'll definitely use that, sooner or later. 

But clothing that I haven't worn in 3-4 years??  Stuff two or more sizes too large for me?  Come on now!!  Out it went, and probably more when I get a chance to look at the bags in the basement.  If it's usable and still good and I don't want it, I'll donate it... if it's no good, I'll trash it.  Simple as that.

My only exception is non-stretchy blue jeans, I'll keep those to use in a quilt.

I was asked for closeups of my little candle project...
On this one you can see the cross-hatch quilting really well.  I didn't EVEN bother with fancy quilting or shadow quilting around the candle.  It'll fly with this simple design!

I wanted to show you the berries up close too...

I started out using a narrow zig zag around the edges, then I realized a very short, straight stitch would work just as well, and probably better!  In the top picture you can really see the difference in the fabrics, I used whites and off-whites to make the scrap yardage. 

Do you notice the green background I left around the leaves in the photo above?  I left it to avoid having to stitch around all those tiny areas, yeooow!! 

I joined four 6" blocks from scrap yardage to make the center of the piece; the borders were made by cutting 3" strips.  The batting was a fusible bamboo (Fusi-Boo), I'd never tried it before and it's super-thin!  I liked using it, no gluey lumps to deal with, as with some of the fusibles.

Well, today I have a medical appointment and I WILL pick up some sun screen.
 Oh yes - here's my cruise info, getting closer and closer!

Sew forth and sew on


  1. Thank you for showing close ups. This is just a cute, simple little wallhanging - well the cut-outs aren't simple. Just lovely. So jealous here - enjoy your cruise.

  2. I've heard great things about Fusi-boo. Hey, while you're out you may want to buy some sunscreen! LOL!

  3. It's so refreshing to clear a load of unused stuff out of the house and just let it go. Somebody will put it to good use.

  4. The berries are darling -- I want one of these for myself! :)

  5. Linda, the wall hanging is wonderful. Have a great time on the cruise.


  6. I haven't used the Fusiboo, but I love the 50% bamboo & 50% cotton batting. You get great warmth without the heavy weight, and it is oh so soft. It's what I'll use in all of my future important quilts.

    Bon Voyage!


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