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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Last minute pop-ups

Three things to be happy about
(1) farm-stand offerings
(2) short fingernails
(3) no fees on bank debit cards!

I just want to say hurray for the banks' wise decision on NO debit card fees!

I've been having problems with my PC recognizing the little disc from my camera, it's been almost a year now, off and on.  I'd have to keep reinserting it and pressing it jusssst right to make it readable. Well, Monday I turned the camera on and saw this message: "this disk cannot be read!"  Ouch!!!  Fortunately last week I moved everything off the camera to make room, so I wouldn't have lost any photos.  BUT... about a year ago I bought another disk and tried using it, but it wouldn't work.  I really don't want to buy another camera now, this one has gotta work for me!

So I found the new disk and inserted it... this time when I took pictures and inserted it in my PC I was able to upload the pictures without a problem.  When I looked at the old disk, it had some grime in that little copper area; I figured it was ruined anyway so I took a tissue and very gently cleaned it.  It works now, but who knows how long that will last?

It could be that it doesn't like being taken out of the camera so often, but when I hook the camera to the PC by it's cable, it really eats up my batteries.  Go figure.

I went to feed some paper through my shredder and it got stuck and wouldn't budge!  Is there any wonder why??

but that's not the problem...

this is!
lots and lots and LOTS of shredded paper stuck on the blades!  AND I put a credit card through there the other day.  No wonder it complained.  I unplugged it and used my whisk broom to clean the blades.  Works fine now!

Are you keeping count?  That was fix #2   ;o)

I had called Direct TV last week because I wasn't getting a signal on the TV in my quilting room.  We got it fixed and when he thanked me for being such a great customer, I said "If I'm such a great customer, what will you give me as a reward??"  You see, I ask those kinds of questions, it doesn't cost anything.  Usually. 

He said "I see you're already an HD customer, we can give you a free upgrade on one of your boxes."  Well, after I made sure I wouldn't be charged a monthly fee for the second box, sew forth and sew on, I agreed to let them send it.  Okay, there's no charge for the box, BUT there was a charge for "shipping and handling."  Go figure.

Anyway, I went ahead and got the upgrade and the new box came in two days.  A nice man somewhere in Texas walked me through the installation; it took us 45 minutes, but it's installed!  So that's fix #3, yaaaay me!  Talk about getting the bear!

This new receiver is twice the size of the old one, I like that little box better because my space on this shelf is limited.  He asked me to return the program card from the old receiver, but toss the receiver itself into the trash!  Whaaaat???  Something in me wants to hold on to it just awhile longer, just in case... Remember what I was saying yesterday about holding onto stuff we can't use?  But he did say to keep the remote as a backup, because they're going to stop including it as a freebie when they ship receivers - it'll cost something like $20 for a new one.

Sew forth and sew on!


  1. You go Fix-it woman!!!!! Yay!

    Here's hoping for a great rest of the week.

  2. I hate dealing with the cable company! Instead of fixing a problem I had they kept sending me new reciever boxes- two were broken from the get-go and the third is going back unopened- I fixed the problem on the orginial and it works fine!
    At least you got an upgrade!!!

  3. We have regular problems with our dsl modem, for some reason. This last time our service guy was out here, he left us an extra one, "just in case"! Gotta love that kind of thinking/service! :)

  4. You ROCK, Girl! Have a GREAT trip...you've earned it!


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