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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Block-a-day #9 and #10

Today we're homeward bound!  Time for one last brekky aboard ship... what shall it be??  Fruit and bagels? Cheese omelet? Fresh muffins? Eggs benedict? Smoked salmon & cream cheese?  Sliced bananas with cream?? 

How about all of the above  ;o)  By now it's probably a bit cold, so maybe some nice hot oatmeal!

In honor of our homecoming, Block number 9 is a house...

After I made this one I thought to myself  "for some reason this is one my least favorite blocks so far."  Then I realized why -- it's not abstract, it's a "thing!"  I've been making abstract blocks. 

Then I thought I'd make another one to go with it anyway, and I didn't like that one AT ALL...

ugh!  I tried working with it, took the top off and tried to redeem it, but finally I had to admit defeat!  So away with it to the popcorn tin...

which in this case is the trash!!

no help for that one!

I did make Block number 10 with the bottom portion, so it wasn't a total loss!

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