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Monday, October 31, 2011

A step closer

Three things to be happy about
(1) Mother nature showing off
(2) hot chocolate with whipped cream
(3) staying in the moment

Well!  Saturday we had snow mixed with rain, then all rain, and boy was it cold!  I realize what we got was nothing compared to other areas along the east coast, we missed the bullet on that one.  Yesterday started off chilly but by mid-day it was sunny and really nice outside; when I went to the grocery store I saw a few people in sandals and shorts.  Go figure.

I'm practically finished with the little candle project - I appliqued the holly in the border, then quilted it in a cross hatch pattern that I marked with 1-1/2" blue painters tape.   I used the same [ugly] fabric for the binding and backing.  The binding is attached to the front, so all that's left to do now is sew it down on the back.  It doesn't look half bad! 

Right now I need to move on to other things, so I think I'll stop there and take it along with me on the cruise for "sit and stitch" time.  But if I don't get to sit and stitch - no worries!

Speaking of other things, I was so busy gathering strips for Bonnie's workshop that I forgot to cut the ones I need for Pat's extra bonus pattern! 

We were asked to bring 12 strips each of dark and light fabrics... so to save me having to think about it, I just chose the all-time favorite "go-to" color combination - black and white.  A winner every time!

We're to cut 1" strips ... one inch!  The first strip I cut was 1-1/2" because 1" looked so funny... so I went back to her instructions, and sure enough they're to be 1". 

It's almost like cutting strings! 

This should be really  interesting because I'm not usually a hand-piecer.

Sew forth and sew on


  1. Are you getting excited about the cruise? I would be... I can't wait to see what you do with those strips.

  2. A cruise; I want to go with you..lol Have a great time and tell us every detail when you get back...Love the fabric you picked to take with you...

  3. Since I am pretty new here, where are you going n your cruise? (I guess I need to back track your blog!)
    My daughter, hubby and their grand daughter, age 3, are on a cruise right now! I have CRUISE ENVY!
    1" strips? shudder!!!!

  4. that table topper looks AWESOME, great applique, can you post close ups??

  5. This cruise sounds like so much fun. Bonnie and Pat on one cruise! I am guessing there will be loads of fun and laughter.

  6. You are going to have such a blast on your cruise! Your candle mat has turned out just darling. It's been fun watching it come together! :)

  7. Love the candle mini quilt. The applique just adds that extra fancy to it. Ready for Christmas decorating when you get back from your Cruise.


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