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Saturday, November 19, 2011

When is a jelly roll not a jelly roll?

Three things to be happy about:
(1) the spire of a redwood
(2) colorful backdrops
(3) the artistry of sushi chefs

Someone asked about the small quilt I sent off to Australia in the Little Quilt Swap; it was the one I named Superstition.  I tried to pull a picture that I already loaded but blogger is so undeniably slow at loading those pictures!  You can see the quilt here, it's the one on the left.  Also, it's in my photo stream on the right side of the blog.

By now I'll have to go ahead and accept that fall is here!  Not only is it colder and the leaves are falling, but it gets dark earlier, even after the fall-back of the clock.  And speaking of that, when I went to change the time on my bathroom clock, I was shocked to see this:

Do you see how corroded that battery is!?  Lately I noticed that the batteries in my camera seemed to be expiring way too soon, but then I wondered if it was only in my mind.  Now this clock battery gets me wondering if I've been using from a bad batch?  Or could it be the steam in the bathroom caused this battery to corrode??  It's never happened before and I'd hate to ruin my camera.

I saw these pretty bushes yesterday when I was out and had to take a picture!
I like the play of the rusty-red against the green... quilt color option?  I don't know one shrub from another, but they're not the same kind or they'd be the same color, I reckon. 

So, back to my original question ... when is a jelly roll not  a jelly roll??   
When it's a sushi!

My bee is having a jelly roll race at our next meeting and we're to have our jelly rolls sewn end-to-end before the meeting, so we can start the race at a trot.  I bought this sushi roll back in April, but in my mind I was thinking I had a jelly roll.  But it isn't...

This sushi has 24 strips but a jelly roll has 40... sew I have to make it grow up into a jelly.  No way am I buying an "official" jelly roll, I have more than enough batik yardage to cut 16 more strips at 2-1/2 x 40! 
I pulled these to cut from, I'll have em cut and sewn before next Saturday!

Well today is my guild meeting, it will be good seeing people I haven't seen since the last meeting... I'm looking forward to a fun meeting!  Have a great day everyone.

Sew forth and sew on


  1. Great two color picture! I love this time of year!

  2. Love the Superstition- I have two almost black cats!
    You have the most wonderful collection of fabric. Those batik prints are beautiful.
    I prefer sushi over a jellyroll but in this case I like the jellyroll better 'cuz there is more in it!
    Thank you for the explanation.

  3. Moda has the copyright on the term Jelly Roll - so other companies call them different names and they do have less strips in them. And it is perfectly alright to cut from your own stash, our Guild did the JR Race and I would say at least 3/4 of the ladies made up their 40 strips from stash.

  4. Great 2 color photo for Foto Finish! Do you suppose that's where the red-green colors for Christmas came from?

    Gorgeous batiks for your JRRace quilt! I taught a workshop for my guild on it (but we didn't race!) & I think only one person used an actuall Jelly Roll - the rest of them cut from their stashes. I've made 3 JRRs & they've all been from my stash too. I just finished quilting one...oy! I had decided to make a 2nd top to use for the back, so felt that I 'had' to free-motion it. Was using a gifted batting, polyester & rather fluffy. Took me 3 nights to quilt it!! :D

  5. Love the Superstitions piece! I'm still trying to adjust to the time change. I guess that all the traveling I'm doing isn't helping either...

    I like those batiks. The JRR quilt will be great!


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