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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More cruise photos

Sculptures this time...

My steward left some fun towel animals in my room; I think this is an otter?

But what's this one ... can anybody recognize it?

I took pictures from the back and front... oh well.

This elephant was kinda cute!

And Mr. Sheep is enjoying the view from the balcony...

There were interesting sculptures in the hallways and on the landings, I took a last-minute picture of Pan...
He was in a nook on deck 5 (I think).

This bronze statue inside the My Fair Lady dining room stood at the bottom of the stairwell leading to the upper level...

It's kinda dark, but here's another view...

The My Fair Lady dining room was on decks 4 and 5... our table was on deck 4

In the Windjammer, this chocolate sculpture was atop a key lime pie, til it was all gone; then I asked the attendant if I could take it (the sculpture, not the pie!!)  ;o)

I just wanted it for the picture, but it didn't taste bad!

Here are shots of the hot tub and pool area on deck 9; the Windjammer Cafe was on this deck (also the frozen yogurt machine!) ...

And this shot in the centrum was taken looking up from deck 4.

In the Centrum there was live music several times a day with a piano and a very good female singer. 

There's one photo I wish could have been clearer so I could show you!  There were a lady passenger and her daughter (or granddaughter) who would dance in the Centrum every evening, and they'd be gesturing and making elaborate arm movements... sometimes the young lady would flap her scarf at her mother/grandmother or kick her feet as if doing a riverdance... but their gyrations rarely had anything to do with the music!  They seemed to be having fun though, and I also saw them dancing around the pool. 

That lady was elderly and I kept waiting for her to pass out or fall groaning to the floor, but she never did.  She was spry as heck. 

Sew forth and sew on


  1. I think it is a cobra snake...

    I miss that ship. it's just the perfect size.

    don't ya just love cruising?????

  2. I think the first one maybe was supposed to be a swan.. and the second was supposed to be a bunny.. you know cute and pretty things. Maybe they just had a bad day that day.

  3. sounds like you are having a great time. the towels are very creative ... I to think the frist one is a cobra

  4. I just can't imagine all the time it took to fold all those towels and carve all that food. The only ship that big I have ever been on is an aircraft carrier but it sure wasn't that fancy. Wow! All that and quilting too!

  5. Sound like you have having wonderful and amazing days.The towels are very fun.


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