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Saturday, November 5, 2011

got bling?

I'm interrupting the block-a-day to share something interesting - yesterday on the cruise Renea and I showed off our blinged sweat shirts!  (Nope, it wasn't too hot to wear em, we were still in cool temps!)

It was fun making these... at least it was for me, I can't answer for Bernerdette, lol!  When she showed me the shirts she was blinging as a fundraiser for DeMatha high school, I just HAD to bling our guild!  

It's an interesting process... she built the words letter-by-letter with the templates, then poured the beads over them, brushing them into the little holes.  Crystal for me, blue for Renea!

lining it up on the shirt...

then heat setting...  It only took about 9 seconds - that's a HOT machine!

don't forget the names - on the sleeves no less!

and of course our guild slogan - Each one teach one

And they're all wrapped up, ready to go!

Now wasn't that fun to watch?  I thought so too!  More blocks tomorrow


  1. Hope, heck, I know you are having the time of your life! Love the blinged sweatshirts-

  2. So cool! Had never seen such a process! Wow!

  3. Did you make these on the ship or before your trip. i love thems.


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