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Friday, November 18, 2011

Mail call

Here's what I had to step over just inside my front door when I got home from the cruise...

If it weren't for junk mail, that pile would be about half the size!

But yesterday, I got two surprises ... one of them was really a "non" surprise.  There's something to be said about following your instinct, or as my mom used to say "follow your first mind." 

Remember about two weeks ago when I got my new receiver from Direct TV and the idiot on the phone told me to trash the old one?  And I didn't want to because it was a pretty expensive piece of equipment and I felt somehow they could reuse it?  In fact, the one they sent me had been reconditioned.  Well, TWO WEEKS LATER the UPS man knocks on the door and I get this gigantic box with this inside...

- instructions on how to return that unit they replaced!  I'm sending it back, but I also called Direct-TV and told them they need to educate their techs.  And I hope it got "recorded for quality."  AND... at the end of the conversation she had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to bundle my TV with my internet and phone - sheesh!

Moving right along...

My second piece of mail was a very  pleasant surprise!  I participated in Another Little Quilt Swap where we had to make a quilt to be swapped with another person, whose identity we didn't know.  The quilts were all posted online and we got a chance to list our first 10 choices - I received this beautiful quilt from Vero  in Santiago, Chile!
Isn't it gorgeous!?  Here are a couple close ups of the detail:

She machine quilted it, and also added some hand quilting.  I love how she added the little wooden beads inside the circles!  And those 4 leaf-shapes at the bottom?  Reverse applique!

On the post card she included from the north of her country, the Chilean desert, she explained that the quilt reflects our earth and other planets. Soon as I got the quilt I visited her blog - I was touched by all the hard work she put into making the quilt just right.  In my opinion, she created a fantastic quilt!  Muchas gracias, Vero!

My quilt in turn was mailed to someone in NSW, Australia, on October 28.  She should be getting it any day now!

Sew forth and sew on


  1. What a wonderful little quilt! Thank you for showing close-ups, so deserving.

  2. What a gift! Did you ever post the one you made for swap? It may have been before I joined your following. Enjoy your serendipity!

  3. Wow! What a beautiful quilt. What a nice gift to come home to from your cruise.


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