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Monday, November 21, 2011

Block a day

Here are two more 4-inch blocks I made...

Block #11 is a simple arrangement of off white, green and purple. 

To make the purple and white strips I first sewed the white on either side of a 2" piece of purple, then cross cut them at just a shade under 3/4". I wanted the strips to be skinny skinny!

Block #12 is very pretty but the picture doesn't do it justice...
This is actually the first block I made when I thought of my 4-inch project, and I thought it was so cute I decided to go for it! 

The color is more aqua than it looks onscreen, and I think the scanner washed out the color.  But, if I take a camera photo of the blocks they have a moire effect that I don't like.  SO I have to decide whether to continue scanning them to eliminate the moire effect, or go back to the camera for a true color... decisions decisions.

Well enjoy - I might decide to post these blocks on Fridays as a "4-inch Friday" post; we'll see!

Sew forth and sew on


  1. I did not realize (or forgot) that these blocks are so small! Wowser, great job!

  2. Those blocks are only four inches??!!! The blocks I am piecing now are five inches and I just figured I am going to need a heck of a lot to make anything I can actually use. Hangings are out ... no wall space.

  3. Your blocks are looking and they coming out so well despite the tiny size. I am challenged trying to do the 6 inch blocks for the farmers wife sampler. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the blocks.


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