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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A case of the lazies

Hi everybody, thanks for your input on my towel animals!  I think the jury is still out on the first one, but I'm thinking the second one is definitely a bunny rabbit!

I want to share just a few more random pics with you, then I'm just dumping them onto a Flickr photostream for you to [interpret] enjoy!  Look up top for my "November 2011 cruise" page, or click here.  Warning though ... there are a lot of photos; I tried making them into different sets to go quicker but I can't really tell how they behave on other people's computers... mine opens at the upload page.

One thing I intended to take pictures of but forgot -- my dinners!  I did take a picture of this appetizing ceasar salad though...
I really liked that the portions were on the small size, else everybody'd blow up like a fish, there were so many choices!  I think this was the same day that I wasn't feeling particularly hungry, and when my waiter asked for my dessert choice I responded "nothing for me, thanks."  And that's what he brought me - nothing!

I thought that was so hilarious!

One of my dinner companions let me model her $200,000 ring ...
gorgeous, isn't it?  Actually, it cost something like $29.95 ;o)

About mid-week we received a "mid-week pick me up" from Sew Many Places...
red velvet cupcakes, yummy!

Interesting stuff on Haiti...
artisans' village

There was some of everything there, including hair braiding, paintings, carved walking sticks, t-shirts, dresses, hand-painted refrigerator magnets, shoes... you name it, they had it!  All of em!

they would say "I show you, only look!  no pressure!"


I can't tell the ripe ones from the not-so-grown??

exposed tree roots

Now for just a bit of classroom stuff  :o)

I liked Pat Sloan's method of using fusible web...
after drawing the shape, she cuts away the inside leaving just one-eighth to one-quarter inch of fusible.  Then you cut it out on the line...
this makes a softer, more needle friendly applique, especially if you're doing hand work.

Bonnie demonstrates how to use the companion angle ruler for cutting half-square triangles...

I'd never used it before, but I'm a true convert now!

Back outside for a bit...

Renea and I posed with the Temperature band when they performed on the pool deck.  They're from Jamaica and with one exception, they all have locs; one of them was poking Renea's do!

here they're loading the alcohol purchases, lots of rum from Haiti!  We had to leave 2 hours early to get ahead of the hurricane, but I think we had time for a good sample of Labadee...

I awoke that same night and the moon looked so pretty, I took a shot from my balcony...

I had a wonderful time on the cruise, the pictures I shared are just a tiny smidgeon of our 10 days!  How do you 'splain the fun you had digging through scraps in the sewing room, or seeing everybody else's interpretation of the same quilt, and Bonnie holding up a strip and going "here's black sunflowers on a red background up for grabs!  Anybody??!" [And Bonnie, someone told me the scraps on the chair were throw-aways for anybody to take, I swanee she did!!] 

Or making your own frozen yogurt cone, or watching the shows or just plain "people watching!"  (I was on the ship for 10 days and I can guarantee you there were at least 400-500 people I never laid eyes on!)  Learning the line dances, napkin folding demos, the "most handsome man in the world" contest - eeeyow!   Or the waiters' funny showtime performances in the dining room...

Did I say I was feeling lazy today?  Yes, I am, see what time I posted?  I think I need another cruise where they stand at the dining room door and say "Welcome... please use the hand sanitizer..." or a waiter circulates drinks around the pool or solarium saying "get your fix for today!  You know you want it!"

Sew forth and sew on


  1. Love the photostream... I saw some major cupcake action there...lol

  2. You make me want to cruise again! It is an experience to enjoy. Will look at the pictures when I can. thank You! Hugs and back to quilting!

  3. I just love all your pictures and descriptions. What a fun time!


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