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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A few more units done

Three things to be happy about:
(1) classic black and white movies
(2) a new camera
(3) a full tank of gas

Gasoline -- is it up this week, or "down?"  When I was a teenager, I remember my mom fussing at my brother... "you drive up and down the road every chance you get, gas is 35 cents a gallon!"  Ahh, the good ole days!

My wastebasket runneth over!

I'm still working on the Texas Tumbleweeds quilt, and this popcorn tin is completely overpowered by trimmings!

Straightening the edges and trimming the units after sewing makes quite a mountain of rejects - is this a sign of progress??

My progress so far:  I finished all the rectangular units for the ladder block (gotta love all that variety of neutral fabrics!)...

Just combine a left and right pair with a 4-patch, a brown square, a neutral square - and the ladder block is done!

Now I can focus on finishing up these rectangular units for the spinning star block: a neutral square sewed onto a medium or dark rectangle.

The pattern calls for 144 of these; I'll just sew, flip and trim 30 more and they too will be finished.

There's just one more rectangular unit to make after this one... looking good!

That's all for now, sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. Wow - you are quite a roll there. I think that tin full of trimmings says you have been busy.

  2. Great selection of neutral fabrics....I'm jealous! I never seem to find neutrals I like, until I read someone's blog!!

  3. I think I need to come and visit and use up those trimmings in a rag rug. Well, maybe I need to take a page from your book and throw scraps out!

  4. Do you know what those scraps were costing when I went on the quilt quest? One shop was selling it for $5.00 per bag. Also, included were instructions to make a small purse out of the scrapes. My dear friend, I would be on your door step to get those scraps. But, I know I would not make the small purse right away. ROFLOL!!!


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