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Monday, December 8, 2014

Tree's up!

Three things to be happy about:
(1) Christmas cheer
(2) Christmas sales
(3) Christmas decorations

Actually it belongs to my neighbors Lauren and Eric - and baby Niklas!

They decorated their tree Saturday with lots of ornament-shaking help from 23-month-old Niklas.

By next Christmas he'll be old enough to understand decorating the tree, but this year after declaring each ornament "mine!" and "mine!" and "mine!",  and crying when his dad put "his" star atop the tree, he was sippy-cupped away for a nap.

Meanwhile, back to the project...

I finished all the rectangular unit F's for the Texas Tumbleweeds spinning star block.

These last ones are unit G, and they're almost done - all 144 of em!

When I got up to cut some more dark color squares, I practically tripped over my bag-o-strings!

Wow, gottta do something about that!

I thought I'd put together a few log cabin-type blocks, just because...

This one doesn't look log-cabiny

This one's more like it!

That second from the left light strip is too wide though, hmmm.  

I think I'll just take my scissors and cut off about a half inch, then go from there!

The final size?  I'll use my "whichever square ruler is handy" rule to determine the size - probably 12-1/2".

Thanks everyone for having my back on the label thing - those quilt police better find someone else to push around!  The quilts were vacuum-sealed into a space bag and mailed off to my sister - take that, QP!  

Have a great Monday, do something to give the QP a raspberry today... sew forth and sew on til later!

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  1. Little ones and trees - fun! You have a lovely bag of strings for lots of great cabin blocks.


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