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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Quilt police

Three things to be happy about:
(1) decorating for Christmas
(2) putting crunchy peanut butter on vanilla ice cream
(3) unexpected rewards

The quilt police are after me, help!!!

And it's all because I decided to put the label on the FRONT of these kiddie quilts instead of the back, where they belong!

I tried to convince them - I didn't break any long standing rule, I just broke out of the box and possibly started a new trend  because I didn't want to hand-sew those labels!

Somebody please vouch for me, lest they take me away!!

I wanted to create nice labels in Word but the printer was in a grouchy mood, so I figured I'd just write them out.

I simply typed the pertinent info in Word - name of quilt, for whom, by whom, date - printed it out on paper, and inked it onto the fabric.

My first impulse was to color-match the label to the border fabric, but red happened to be the first one I did and I just didn't like the way it looked.

So I used plain ole muslin and machine stitched them down - somebody tell that to the cops, please!

Somehow I can't see Jaelyn, on Christmas morning, putting her hands on her 5-year-old hips - such as they are - popping her neck and going "OH NO SHE DI-ENT!!"

Jaelyn??  Well, maybe...

In any case, these puppies are ready to mail, they should have been sent out last week!

The placement of a label isn't worth fitzing over, right?

Tell it to the cops!

Sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. I hate quilt police. What difference than quilting the label into a quilt motif design - that shows on the front. Hey, it's part of the I Spy affect. You labeled, who cares how. And they are done and going to be loved.

  2. Put your labels where your want! Or don't label, if you chose, and give future quilt historians something to do.

    Have you seen this blog post about quilt police?


  3. I think the label on the front is a fun change. Maybe you should join the BadA-- Quilters group. Ha ha. Quilt police are regularly ignored in that group.

  4. a quilt is a work of art right...... and where do artists sign their masterpieces?? On the front. I am sure the kids receiving these lovely quilts will be sew happy to see the label and they know it is okay to be different ........ Quilt Police Back Off Please
    in stitches

  5. Love the quilts. Did you use a special tutorial for the drunkards path? Please post method if you can.

  6. Oh no, no, no! First labels on the front, then what next, machine binding?? I am calling an emergency meeting of the 2nd District of the Quilt Police so that we can move your name to the top of the Most Wanted list. For shame, and right before Christmas too!

    Ok, now that I have that nonsense out of my system - I think you are a genius!!!!!!!! I hate sewing labels on and this might solve all my problems, thanks!

  7. You are too funny! hmmm, peanut butter on vanilla ice cream -- I can't believe that I've never thought of that before!

  8. Labels on the front? Why haven't I thought of that?? Great idea. And no, I won't be calling the cops.....

  9. Well you can call the quilt police on me. I don't put labels on ANY of my quilts. Not a one.

  10. Rule #1, If it works for you, it is the right way.
    Tell the police "that's YOUR problem"!

  11. wonderful idea. I don't like doing labels and I can never get them right, so I usually end up not doing one or having look so bad that I wish I hadn't done it. I am stealing this idea. Don't tell the quilt police:0).

  12. I DON'T BELIEVE IN THE QUILT POLICE! And neither should you! And I like Annette's comment: artists sign their work on the front. And so should you! Or anyplace else you'd like to sign it. It's your quilt. Do what you want.


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