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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gearing up

The weather has been so roller-coaster lately, with the temperature swinging from cold, warm, cold again all in a one week span.  Now it's back to cold, so that means it's time to bring out a bold new plan - grits!!

When I was growing up our main breakfast food was grits - you either got grits and sausage or grits and fatback, but it was always "grits-and".  I was so tired of grits, I promised myself that when I "got big" (which was another way of saying "when I grew up and moved out of mama and daddy's house and got a job and my own house and be able to do whatever I wanted to do and they could kiss my foot and nobody could tell me nuthin'") I would not eat another spoonful of grits!  But one day about 35-odd years ago I got to wanting me some grits - hello!!

So now I'm not only a reconverted grits eater, but I'm also a grits lover.  One morning when I reached for my box of grits (I had a taste for grits and salmon cakes) there was barely a spoonful left in the box, I had forgotten to buy some.  I was going to Costco that day so I acted on impulse and got the three-package deal... I think I might have gone a bit overboard that time!  Anyway, I have enough grits to last me awhile, don't you think?  You only need a quarter cup to make enough for a generous serving, and they're so creamy!

In between other things I'm playing around with the little houses I made from scraps.  When I was doing these I wasn't thinking in terms of setting or sash colors... I was just doodling.  I didn't want to set them smack together, I was afraid they would lose their individuality somehow.  So then it came down to sashing decisions...

I tried black; my first impression was "oooh, I don't think so!"  On most of the blocks the bottom of the house was made from a dark fabric and the black sort of melted into it.  I tried a few with a white sashing but that completely killed the blocks!  I didn't think I liked the black but I left them on my wall a couple days and you know what?  They didn't look half bad! 

For the bottom row I sashed the top and bottom of the blocks and added a side sash with the corner stones attached to top and bottom.  This is how I'm making rows 2 and 3 -
The sashing goes on the top only, with a sash/top cornerstone combination for the side.

Here's a layout of two rows combined - I think this will be a cute little quilt!
I might have made the sashing a little narrower - they were cut at 2" and finish at 1-1/2" - but I here I have to play my "it's just a quilt" card!

That's all for now, have a great Thursday - sew forth and sew on!


  1. Cute little houses and I like the black.

  2. O my goodness! You just made me so hungry!! Grits with cheese, 2 over easy eggs on top, and ketchup - SHAZZAM!!! LOL! But I don't have any grits in the house! WOW! I love your houses. Our guild's quilt show theme this year is "The Quilted House". I'm still trying to put my ideas together of what I want to do. These look great! :)

  3. I grew up on grits too! Love them with cheese, garlic, and a hint of liquid smoke. Pour that over pepperidge farm white toast with butter and you have a mean fit for the cardiologist's new Porsche payment. Hahahahaa! Love me some grits. Butter, salt and sugar will do.

    Cute houses! One of these days I gotta make me some houses...

    1. a MEAL fit for the cardiologist's new Porsche payment. LOL!

  4. Don't forget fried grits! Of course, that is if you have any leftovers...

  5. Oh, I like your houses...very colorful neighborhood...

  6. I only like grits if they are cheesy, but then..ooh mama!

  7. Love the houses and grits, never had fried grits. I just finished grits with sauted liver and onions last week. Um, Um Good!


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