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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Presidential Inauguration

I guess many of you who live in places other than the District were saying "If I lived in DC I'd be right down there at the ceremony and the parade!"  Well, I live here but I've only gone to one inauguration parade... nowadays I consider the best seat in the house to be in front of my TV!  Here are just a few scenes of the day:

President Obama takes oath of office

Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir performs; Malia has her mom's smile!

crowds and more crowds

Twenty-one gun salute; President Obama listens to a speech

Beyonce performs; group shot of the First Family.

Along the parade route

"The Dress" by designer Jason Wu

 Have a great Tuesday; sew forth and sew on!


  1. I am not an Obama supporter, but I did have the day off as I am a government worker and it was the only thing on TV. Even the Weather Channel had the inauguration on. So I figured I may as well watch a bit of it. I ended up watching most of it with tears in my eyes. The poet was extraordinary! James Taylor, Kelly Clarkson, and Boyonce were all fabulous. They sang our American songs as they should be sung, without all the added notes that those entertainers sometimes just have to add in and make the song terrible. Kudos to those three singers.

  2. I didn't watch the inauguration - I finally got to visit my daughter's family - my grandson's were a bit confused, but delighted with all the Christmas presents!

  3. I enjoyed watching it - I've never been a cold weather person, or one for big crowds. I prefer to watch from the comfort of home, where I can actually see everything and don't have to wait in any lines :)

  4. I'd be avoiding the crowds. I just don't have enough patience for huge gatherings like that. Too much mayhem. I agree, in this case the best seat is at home! :-)

  5. Your pictures of the events are fantastic. I loved watching from my sofa. I listened when they listened, ate when they ate, marched when they marched, danced when they danced and said good night when all was said and done. Great Inauguration Day! Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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