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Saturday, January 19, 2013

How much is your time worth? how much!??

Three things to be happy about:
(1) a compliment on a good hair day
(2) knowing a recipe by heart
(3) a quiet snowfall...

... especially when it's somewhere else!  The snow we were warned might come to the area didn't, woo hoo!

One day last week I got a letter from a media research company with a dollar enclosed.  They wanted to call me in a few days to do a survey and wanted me to accept the dollar as a small token of their appreciation.   hmmm... talk about priming the pump - not! 

They called me a couple days ago and I cooperated, answered their brief questions about the tv stations I watched that day and the radio stations I listened to - took about ten minutes.  She said they wanted to send me a small token  of their appreciation, "just enough for a cup of coffee and donut!"  Well, I wanted to know if it would be for the senior priced coffee at ... say ... McDonalds, or would it be the coffee regular people buy.  Well, I got the small token yesterday... what do you say...
senior or regular??

At this rate, I guess my time was worth about $12 an hour.

On the other hand, how much is an electrician's time worth??

I've been having problems with my printer for about two months... sometimes when I print, especially in color, it gives an error code and stops dead.  The only way to fix it is to turn it off and back on, or in some cases turn off the surge protector it's plugged into.  I know I need a new one but I just bought ink and wanted to use it up because that ink is NOT cheap.  Well, day before yesterday I turned off the surge protector and when I turned it back on - no power!  Not anyplace on that wall, and my ceiling lights went off.  Oh. No.

Long story short, I had to call the electrician to look at it ... on the right is the outlet where my surge protector was plugged into, which included my phone, PC and Verizon box.

He looked at that outlet, two other outlets in the room... he went into the kitchen, down in the basement, outside...

He moved the refrigerator, took the covers off 4 separate outlets, all the while mumbling and shaking his head.  You NEVER want to see a serviceman shake his head, there's nothing coming after that but BAD news!

Evidently when I had my kitchen and den redone in 2006 the electrician didn't know what the heck he was doing.  In some cases John (the electrician) found where the junction box that the wires are supposed to fit into had been CUT OFF at the back to make it fit into the space.  That's not a box, it's just a frame!  One purpose of a junction BOX is to protect against fire spreading if the wires short out!

Where there should have been two wires in a box he found only one and wondered how the heck it worked for six years!
He was here for two hours trying to figure out what the person did, he doesn't know if there's some kind of box inside the wall (which wall???) or what.  The reset button on the garbage disposal switch doesn't work and probably never did because I never had to use it!

In any case, the problem has to be fixed and it's gonna cost me $$ to get it done.  Probably will involve going inside the walls, which means a plaster repairman.  

I swanee I thought I was ahead of the game by not buying a lot of fabric last year - guess I'll have to dig into that little bit of savings and put it towards the electric repair! 

That's my rant for today; it's guild day so maybe something will happen there to make me smile!  Sew forth and sew on til later


  1. Better take the senior coffee! Must have been related to the guy who put in out heated floor which no longer works!

  2. Oh no - not that I like thinking about the cost of repair, but thankfully you didn't have a fire with such horrible wiring work.

  3. I'd suggest buying a laser printer. They're faster and cheaper to use than an ink jet. I replace my cartridge every 18-24 months for about $50.

  4. I'm happy you didn't have any disaster with the wiring problem. I know how you feel, thinking you are a dollar ahead and then a repair comes along. Everything I have saved by putting in the new heating system is going to be gone from the minor fixes I have had to have.

  5. Oh, Linda, this is not happy news but at least you're finding out now before something serious happened. I suggest you save your 2 bucks...you're going to need it. EEK!


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