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Friday, February 1, 2013

Just a little bit

A little bit of snow...
now you see it, now you don't - what a difference an hour can make!

We got just a dusting in this area and the winds are blowing, blowing, blowing!  Virginia seems to be in worse shape because some of the schools are closed, I understand the road surfaces are the reason.

Just a bit of sewing...
to be sure yet again that I didn't want to go with light sashings, I laid some houses out on a piece of off-white fabric... I just don't like it!

I went ahead with the black sashings but I cut them down by 1/2 inch...
My sister Ruby would call it "majoring on the minor."  I'm going to finish this little top today after I run an errand, put it in the done pile!

The good news is I went to Costco yesterday and got a $45 refund on my printer - I didn't even have to take it in!  I just showed them the receipt and after a lot of fiddling - for some reason the computer kept rejecting the coupon code - I got my money refunded.

Does anybody remember way back in the last century when we didn't even have computers??  If you wanted a refund the clerk would bring out a bedraggled ledger book, look up your info, call over the manager to authorize it and refund your money? 

No cell phones, no social media, no apps, no iPads, no Facebook, no rotary cutters, no blogs - OMG what did we do without blogs!??

Sew forth and sew on...


  1. I know. It's amazing to think how far we've come. So watcha gonna do with that $45. Buy some fabric? LOL!I like the thinner sashing. You did right by that.

  2. Yes, the thinner sashing does look better. We had a little snow, too - but the winds have been fierce!

  3. I like your happy little neighborhood.
    Yes, the blogging world sure ups the anti!

  4. I have been without a cell phone for almost two weeks now. I have mostly enjoyed the break from it. Of course I had my iPad

  5. Linda, Linda, Linda, my husband wants me to thank you for saving him lots of money. He ordered the 8600 Plus printer today from Costco online for the sale price with free delivery and only had to pay an additional $9 nonmember fee. I finally got my scanner driver issues resolved, so I get the new printer/fax/scanner connected to my PC and he will take the old scanner for his PC.

    By the way, I like the black background for your little house neighborhood.


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