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Friday, October 21, 2011

Pulling fabrics

Hi everybody, especially my followers!  Now come on you guys... do you real-ly love me enough to follow me around!?  One never knows where I might go!   LOL, just kidding, welcome aboard!  And thank you one and all for your kind comments on my Stash toot, I feel so special!

The latest Harry Potter movie was on HBO last night, I had it on while I was doing something else.  Part of my ear caught the tag end of a conversation that cracked me up: 

Harry, Ron and Hermione were in an elevator in somebody's bodies - who knows what they were up to, I was busy - and Ron is going "Oh my God, what'm I going to do??  My wife is all alone downstairs!"   Harry: "Ron... you don't have  a wife."  Ron:  "Oh, right!"

Someday I'll write a book and I'll call it Conversations Overheard in an Elevator.

After reading Michelle's post on Stash yesterday I visited the Celebrate Christmas blog again and really liked Happy Little Trees by Charlie at Qubee Quilts.  It's a just-right size that can be done quickly for Christmas.  My Christmas fabrics are all old-fashioned (not part of a "collection"); I pulled a few, looking for possibilities...
these have gold highlights; it looks kinda funny on the green, doesn't photograph well

This fabric is cute, but I want to go for a different sort of mood...
I believe the nutcrackers fabric on the left is out of print; I've had it for a few years!  Same thing goes for the Santas, I think it was a Coca Cola print.

Now when I looked at this next scrap I thought the pattern would make a cute quilt...
See how the reindeer seem to be looking at the trees?  It would make a cute wall hanging!

And who knew I had so much BLACK Christmas fabric??

This one with the reindeer is sorta pretty. 
Because I bought such a big piece it tells me one of two things:  (1) I intended it for a backing, or (2) it was 70% off so I took all that was left on the bolt.  There's a lot of this one too:

Country angels, probably bought for the same reason!  And I also have it in a beige colorway.

Well, I have a little time to decide which fabrics to use... or if I will even make the quilt, cute as it is.  

I don't want to fall behind on my Guild's Red and White challenge, so if I do the Happy Little Trees  it will be done alongside the challenge quilt.

Have a great day everyone ... sew forth and sew on!


  1. I loved your quilts from yesterday's blog. Gave me a lot of inspiration. I have boxes of stash and never seem to decide (actually scared) if I want to cut it! LOL

  2. Happy little trees... reminds me of Bob Ross, the painter guy... He always used to say that on his PBS show.

    Get going on that challenge quilt. I wanna see it! LOL!

  3. loved your post yesterday..andyour Christmas stash is very nice...even if it is older...I do that too.

  4. Well I like your darker Christmas fabrics - the bright red/green with 'added' colors with so much white just isn't me.

  5. You do amazing work and work with some amazing fabrics. You're a far superior quilter than I am, but we do have similar tastes in fabric. Some of the fabrics you work with are in my stash. Your camera does not capture the rich beauty of your fabrics. If you're like most retirees, we're on fixed incomes. Here's hoping one day someone gifts us with one of those cameras that can pick up the beauty of our work! Keep up the great work!


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