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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Guild meeting

Three things to be happy about:
(1) homemade soup
(2) short explanations
(3) pecan trees

Hello everybody, I see three new followers - howdy!  We're always glad to skootch over and make room!

When I have a baked chicken I usually freeze the leftover scraps and bone structure (I'm trying to avoid saying "carcass" because it sounds so ... animal!) and save it for soup.  I've gotten pretty good at making chicken veggie soup from scratch!

Regarding my Lancaster shopping trip, two people commented that they live close to Lancaster... I'm glad I don't live any closer, I'd have to rent a warehouse to hold all the fabric, ouch!

Saturday's guild meeting was very energetic and lots of fun.  Sometimes you can just feel the energy in the room - I know you can hear it!  Our 2012 raffle quilt is just beautiful ...
it's wonky houses and embroidered trees; here's a closeup:

I hope I win, I hope I win!

We had lots of show and tell, but I didn't get any pictures... the downside of having something to show and tell is that I don't always remember to get pictures of everybody else's beautiful quilts!

Our ugly fabric auction was an experience...

I think someone doesn't know what "ugly" is!  There were some beautiful fabrics and UFO's in the auction, not to mention the scrap bags.  There was an abundance of stuff so at a point, in the interest of time, the leftovers were given over to whoever could grab them...

Jackie did a workshop/demo on mug rugs...

she had an abundance of samples!

and of course, Maxine is always a winner...

And look at the armful of beautiful dolls Cynthia made! 

Cynthia took the doll making class from Yetunde a few months ago, and she's hooked!  I should have taken pictures of each individual doll so you can see the detail, she put jewelry on them too!

It was a wonderful meeting, it's always great to see people we haven't had the chance to see since the last meeting.  I'm looking forward to November 19!

Sew forth and sew on til later..


  1. Hey Linda, I bought some/many tickets to win that quilt. I know it only takes one ticket to win but I just made sure they would be in several places where a hand could pull from.


  2. Wendy, I hope you win but I want it too, LOL I came home from the meeting with an envelope full of raffle tickets! Thanks for supporting our Guild.

  3. Look at all the goodies - love the zebra panel. Funny what is ugly to one is beautiful to another.

  4. I wanna come play at your guild meeting!!!!!!

    Crossing my fingers for ya. That raffle quilt is gaw-juss!

  5. Thank you for visiting us at Sew WE Quilt - Stash Manicure. I loved your presentation today. I guess, it's time to try paper piecing (after i get my printer fixed).

    You do very beautiful work!
    Nice to meet you :)


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