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Monday, October 10, 2011

Wrapping it up!

Yesterday afternoon, Yetunde (Sistah Stitch alot) and I went to a head wrap demo at Gallery Africa!  This shop has a large selection of tailored ethnic clothing, handcrafted jewelry, soaps, perfume oils, wall hangings, and artifacts. It's one of my favorite shops because their stock moves rather quickly.

The ladies of Gallery Africa are really talented wrappers!  Look what a 72 x 28 inch piece of fabric can do...

I love that blue and yellow!

Joanie prepares to wrap her granddaughter

gather, gather, gather...

twist this way, turn that way...

a little artful tucking...

and she's done!

it looks great on her!

Yetunde gets a turn...

and she likes her style!

me ... not so much!

Another style...

looks great with her locs!

We had a great time - the demos were interesting, the refreshments were tasty... and of course we had to do a little shopping!  I found 2 pieces on sale that I really like... a great way to spend an afternoon!

Sew forth and sew on til later...


  1. Very interesting - looks like a fun time.

  2. I wonder how those wraps would hold up in a serious wind. The fabric is lovely however.


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