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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Three things to be happy about:
(1) tossing out the junk food
(2) the wisdom of experience
(3) happy news

I have some happy news, in part because I tossed out [some of] the junk food!  Back at the end of June I had an African outfit made for my cruise, and when I was trying on my clothes two days ago I discovered -- it's too large!  SO yesterday when I took it back to the dressmaker and told her the deal, she looked at me and said "yeah, you've lost some weight!"  Good for me!

Thanks for your comments yesterday, the poetry cracked me up!  I agree about the coloring books you get today, there's not enough clean-lined pictures, too many super heroes you never heard of doing ridiculous things a REAL super hero wouldn't do, because if you're a REAL super hero you don't have to prove it, you just ARE.  I guess I got these at a good "era" in coloring books, at the Dollar store yet!

I stayed out longer than I intended to running around, so I didn't get as much done inside the house as I wanted to.  But I sewed my candle to the background and added a border...
the border looks black, but it's a deep mottled green!

Looking at those leaves, I should have used a lighter shade of green... or at least I shouldn't have used striped fabric!  It's from a large piece of Debbie Mum yardage I bought a few years ago, I didn't think to get a picture but maybe I'll post one later.  You can barely see the outline stitching or the vein in the leaf... oh well, it's not meant to be a masterpiece, just a little sump'n sump'n.  And yep, I used gold thread!

Next step?  I'll add a white outer border from scrap yardage and applique some fussy-cut holly around it.  I really like the fabric I cut these from!

I'm leaving some of the background attached, otherwise it'd be way too small to make me sing while I'm trying to applique them down!  Light bulb moment - After I got these cut it occurred to me I could have used it around the candle - DOH!

Someone asked how I did the candle - I have a good-sized light table that I place a copy of the page on, then I trace each part separately directly onto the smooth side of fusible web...

I fuse the pieces onto the back of my fabric of choice, then I cut the tracing out, remove the backing paper and iron the pieces to the background fabric.  I know that's a pretty short explanation, but I found a tut on about.com that might help.  (On the page, click on the "next" button above the picture to see the rest of it.)  Also, here's a You-Tube link you can try, I hope it helps!

That's it for now, need to get some breffus!  Sew forth and sew on til later...


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss. Why is it easier to lose my mind than to lose some weight? I will check out the candle techniques you linked. Thank you!

  2. yay on the weight!!!! What's for breffus?

  3. Your technique is much easier than the way I have done it~ Thank You!
    I wish I had some junk food...LOL

  4. This is beautiful. I love the idea of using coloring books!

    I have a full tutorial about fusible applique here if anyone needs it. I'm addicted to it!!

  5. Congratulations on the weight loss and good for you in throwing out the junk food. WOnderful fun 'sumpun' mini and love the fussy you are going to add into the border.

  6. You're funny and talented. So, I'm enjoying following your blogs. You've inspired me to try your scrap background and applique technique to make a Christmas wallhanging for my mother-in-law's new apartment entry door.

  7. Nice that you can resist the junk food at Halloween time when nearly every aisle in the store has it. When is the cruise? I'm presuming the fussy cut holly has fusible already on the back. Looks great!

  8. It's looking really good! Love the look, and love that you can see more of the "details" on the candle stick. Very nice!! :)


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