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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just a little bit more

Three things to be happy about:
(1) a basement free of junk
(2) adding to a penny collection
(3) the smell of coffee beans roasting

I wouldn't know about the junk-free basement, but the thought makes me happy!  Someone gave me a 5-gallon water jar way back in the 70's (when they were made of glass) that I used to put pennies in, I never gave away a penny in change.  I haven't been able to put any more in there for years because it's full to the top - there's no way I can even push it, let alone lift it!  We're talking about hundreds (and thousands) of pennies!

Thanks everyone for your comments; Carol left us a nice link for fusible applique - plus there's a cute basket tutorial on her blog!  And my quilters cruise is on November 3, just a week from now, yaaaaa!

Still working on my little wall hanging, among other things.  I attached two side borders and cut out more of the holly bits...
For the holly berries and leaves, I cut a large piece from yardage and ironed fusible to the back; then I just fussy cut what I want.  I think I need just a wee bit more to get enough appliques, though.  I also need to add a bit more length to the top and bottom outer borders before I can attach them. 

When I look at the candle all alone in the middle, it looks like it might have a lot of vacant real estate in there, but I don't want to think about that right now!  Later is better   :O)

And finally, on a kinda disappointing note, my local Hancock Fabrics is closing because they lost their lease, waaaah!

I don't shop there for fabric much, but I do find it handy when I need notions or I have to get my faithful Singer Touch n Sew serviced!  It's just a 15-20 minute drive from my house, so I'll really miss it. 

And it's amazing the reaction you get when a store is closing its doors!  I went in there for a light bulb for my Singer and the line was way long - and the reductions were just 20% on most items!  Two ladies had shopping carts full of non-fabric items that they could have gotten cheaper someplace else.  If there was fabric at 50% off, it was that junk you see on their "Manager's special" table all the time.  By the time the real sale comes, all the stuff will be picked over... oh well.

Sew forth and sew on


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh I hate when our fabric stores close down..we have lost a few here....and you had me for a second with the junk free basement..lol. I was thinking; how did she manage that??? then I read on.lol....btw; I love your Christmas quilt. It is just gorgeous...gorgeous...

  2. I think is is that "clearance" mentality. Oh, so envy you with the cruise - you better take lots of photos.

  3. I am loving the candle piece. For what it is worth, I think the white space surrounding the candle is perfect as it is. I like the fussy cuts you are putting around the edges. This piece is inspiring me to do something with a Christmas theme other than the quilt I am working on for Victoria's inspiration challenge.

  4. The candle white space calls for delicious quilting!

    I like the smell of roasting coffee too!

  5. I was an employee of one of the Hancock Fabrics stores that closed in my Area. It was a SAD, SAD day for me. The man running the liquidation sale thought I should be happy about all the stuff I was getting on "SALE". I did bring a large amount of 'stuff' home with me with every paycheck that spring. Some of it is still on the Bolts! Basement free of Junk, HA! Not here.

  6. Sad to see so many fabric stores closing. I know you can buy great stuff online but it's not the same as being able to touch and pet it in person:)

  7. I like the way you let some of the border cross into the center with the candle. I certainly don't mind the empty spaces.
    We just had a big supermarket close and it was one and only that carried foreign goods. I think it was one reason there were so many embassies and foreigners living in that area and am wondering what the impact on the community will be.
    Have a great trip and don't forget your camera so we can go along too.


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