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Monday, October 17, 2011

More from Lancaster trip

Do you ever have the feeling of being watched??
And when you turn around, you really are? 

I thought I'd share the last of my pics from our shopping trip to Lancaster last Friday, it was a great time!

Of course I had to get some red, and red-and-white...
The piece on the left is part of almost 9 yards of a flat fold that I bought and split with two friends.

Some of these will work for the cruise, neutrals ya know...
I wanted to get a closer shot of the beige piece... it looks like little dogs wearing a Christmas hat?  It's a fun piece anyway!

After lunch at Shady Maple some of us took a short hop down the hill to Goode's, a dry goods store.  You can get some pretty decent fabric there too!  I got these homespuns from their flat-fold shelf...

not bad for $2.99 a yard -- and, their flat folds could be cut!  I also got the red print (way above) from Goode's.  There was oodles and oodles of  fabric and we'd have liked to really look through it, but our time was limited because of the bus schedule.  We were in someplace called East Earl, and still had to hit the Kitchen Kettle area in Lancaster!

Here are some good buys...
I got the bright yellow from Goode's, and the Sonie Ruffin (middle) and batik from Zooks.  The Sonie Ruffin is a 3-yard piece from their flat fold table... I bought the entire piece at $2.99 a yard, minus the 10% storewide discount and minus another 20% for some reason I don't need to know!  And the batik is the last of a 102-106 wide piece.  Not a bad deal, and pretty pretty!

That's all my purchases, except these three gourds, I like em!
They should dry nicely, I think.

In the Kettle area if you look down as you walk, you'll see these nice paving stones...

The Lancaster Farmland Trust, a non-profit organization that works to preserve farmland in Lancaster County, sponsors these stones, and for just over $100 you can purchase one and have your name, location, and the year inscribed on it.  I thought the stones were a great touch to the Kettle area, not only because they support a worthy cause but, well, they look like they just "belong" there!

So now we're all shopped out and we're loaded up to head back home - loaded with fabric and popcorn and books and homemade ice cream, and kettle corn, and warm pretzels...
We were a happy bunch!  Whenever our driver pulled off a tricky maneuver or made that impossible right-hand turn, everybody applauded.  Nothing like quilty encouragement! 

We all had a great time and, trust me - there were no complaints!

Sew forth and sew on til later...


  1. Looks like you all enjoyed your trip, especially the fabric shopping.
    Living in Hatfield Pa. we go to Lancaster all the time. Zooks is my absolute favorite place to buy fabric.

  2. Looks like you had a nice trip. Did you buy much at Sauders? That is usually where I buy my fabric. I live across the River from Lancaster and hate to admit I have never been to Zooks. Gonna have to make an effort to get there.

  3. Great trip! I especially love those bits of red.
    I thought of you when I saw the guest on the wannabe post. What amazing art that is! And what awesome fabrics for a prize!


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