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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Instant gratification?

Three things to be happy about
(1) starting a new book
(2) a day without an agenda
(3) going to bed content

Last night I went to bed content but that didn't last very long!  I was sound asleep when OMG somebody was pressing something soft over my face!  They were gonna kidnap me and put a sack over my head so I couldn't see where they were taking me!  I turned my head this way and that way, I couldn't get my arms from under the covers, I was going "aaaoooomla!  aaoooomya!  huhnnaa!"

As it happens, during the day I had been digging through scraps for a project and I placed a small stack on top of a quilt folded across the foot of my bed.  When I went to bed I didn't turn the light on because I already had on my jammies and I forgot all about the fabric stacked on top of that quilt. 

At some point, half asleep, I reached down and pulled up the quilt and the fabric must have ridden on top of it and come all the way to my face.  I might have turned over and hunched the quilt or something... anyway, evidently the fabric shifted on top of my head, and the rest is history!  When I managed to turn on the lamp I saw fabric scraps all over the floor.  Whew, I got out of that one!

I haven't had time for my daily dose of 15 minutes of playing lately, so I decided to make some scrap yardage for a small wall hanging.  I have several children's coloring books (are there coloring books for adults??) and I pulled a couple pages for inspiration...

Look at the yellowed edges of those pages!  I've had these coloring books for over 5 years.

I like the candle on the right, simply because it has fewer leaves, although I can make as many or few as I like.  Also I like the small holly berries for this one, rather than the bulbs (or whatever) on the bigger candle.

I wanted to keep this one simple so I can do it before the weekend!  I'm going to applique it to a background of 6" blocks created from scrap yardage; here it's just fused down without stitching...

looks nice already, doesn't it?

I'm thinking of putting a very narrow inner border around it, maybe in green, 1-1/2", then add a wider white border from scrap yardage.  If I applique some fussy-cut holly and leaves along the outer border, I should have a winner!

Well, more errands today, then laundry, then make sure my bed is clear before I get in it tonight!

Have a great day... sew forth and sew on til later


  1. Oh, you silly goose you! But how frightening. Love the idea of the coloring book - hey, the older ones have much better options than the new - I searched for a long time for a nice one for my grandson to play with while visiting - loves to color!

  2. Well, some fabric increases in dark places but it seems some of it attacks as well. I'm glad you won the battle if not the fight.
    A coloring book is as good a place to start as any. Seems you will be ready for the hollidays when they get here.

  3. Ummm.. how did you do that color book thing?? It looks fantastic!!! But HOW?? I need to know LOL

  4. On a hard and stormy night, unused scraps will pick a fight!
    "Use me", "No!me", "I'm next" said red,
    And that is why you were scared in bed!
    With me it's the cats...
    love the coloring books, I've used patterns from them for years!

  5. I LOVE that blog, but I'm partial to cartoons so I really WANT that one on the left, that would be SO cute, never thought of using coloring books for ideas! I do have some paper piecing books for scrapbooking that would work...
    And oh... what a nightmare to wake up to, glad you are okay :-)

  6. I love coloring books but find that today they don't have as nice of illustrations as the older books.I really like your candle , very cute!

  7. LOL! I've done stuff like that too -- always so glad to wake up safe, but kicking myself for leaving my sleep vulnerable to such things! Cute spin on the candlestick!!! :)

  8. Too funny! Thanks for sharing. I too use old coloring book pages in my quilting--usually for hand quilting designs. Also, I've found and used many free coloring book pages online. I've never made scrap yardage before, but it is certainly now on my "To Do" list. Your candle wallhanging will be so cute.

    It's coincidental that I just started reading a new book, went to bed last night content and awaken today with absolutely no agenda. My house is tidy and I completed the laundry last night. So far, it's a gratifying day.

  9. I definitely like the idea! Also, maybe not sure. But maybe for the candle to show more "detail" of the wax where it's melted on the candle stick you could stitch some there to show the shape and what not. Just an idea!

    But that is pretty cool. :)

  10. I'd probably have the same dream... I hate it when I wake up like that...

  11. I Love it. Makes me want to get out my stash of coloring books and actually do something! Penny


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