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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good night, Irene

... and she's outta here!

As far as I know, this is all the "damage" at my house after the storm:
just a few branches blown off the trees!

Don't get me wrong, there was a lot of damage in DC - trees blown over onto peoples' homes, power outages, standing water - but there was none of that at my house or on my street, thank God.  

When I looked out this morning there were police and rescue vehicles on the street, but I have no idea what the problem is...

they were at a house about 6 doors down on my left.   However, if it were just a health issue they wouldn't need 6 police cars along with the rescue van.   I hope everything's okay down there.

Well the worst is over; now it's time for the cleanup.


  1. so glad to know you did not have any damage and that you are safe.
    My friends and family here in South Louisiana were praying that the storm would not be too bad for the east coast! we know what it is like to have one come over us!
    It's weird, we have all been watching the storm path on the weather channel just like if it was coming here to south Louisiana. Everybody I talk to said they are keeping their TV on the weather channel too. I guess we are so used to watching those storms heading straight to us. We feel we need to keep track of where it is and where it is going. We are all praying that everyone will be ok and we hope this storm goes away quickly!

  2. Thank you, BeeBee, I agree! I called my sister in New Jersey around 9 am and she said they had a lot of rain but thankfully no wind. The storm is weakening as it goes, thank God!


  3. I guess my son had a bit of a power outage in his neighborhood. He is still chuckling over recent events having grown up in Japan where earthquakes and typhoons are rather common happenings. CNN sure made a big deal of it all.


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