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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Distracted by the stash!

Yesterday I was looking for a specific piece of fabric (that I didnt' find!) - the bins where I keep my african prints were all a-tumble.  So, I started folding and straightening again, made two tubs out of three... 

I wish I had more of this fabric, I only have this little piece left:
I think it's out of print, I bought it at least 8 years ago, probably just a yard or two. 

I also like this piece, there's about 1-1/2 yards left:

I used a piece of it on the back of a quilt I made and by mistake I put it on backwards.  So instead of saying Tam-Tam  it said  Mat-Mat.  Still looked good, though.

Today I'm not in a sewing mood so I'll do some "controlled" cutting.  I was going through my scrap bins and finding some pretty large pieces in there, I'm not going to just whack them for scrap projects. 

Bonnie has posted the quilt she's going to teach us on the cruise in November and I notice she says we can bring 2" and 3-1/2" strips, so I may as well cut some from the scraps.  It will decrease the number of FQ's I need to take.

Now it's time to eat breffus, then a walk before it gets too hot.  Have a great day - sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. Oh, you lucky duck! A cruise with Bonnie - how jealous. I hope you share with us 'land-lubbers'.

  2. I love your fabrics. I was doing the same thing earlier in the week looking for fabrics to do a Dear Jane. Carrie, Wendy and I are doing one over the next year. I looked at that cruise, but couldn't rework my schedule at work. I did take 2 classes with her last fall, so I will be alright for a while. I have been cutting strips to make her Texas Braid. A lot of pieces. Enjoy your day.

  3. Oh luck you! Sewing and cruising, sheer heaven.


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