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Friday, August 5, 2011

Another 'nother one

Three things to be happy about:
(1) cool breezes in the morning
(2) learning a new word
(3) moviemaking terms

What's a best boy or a gaffer or a swing gang?  And what's the difference between a production and a presentation?   Oh well, now that I'm retired maybe I can ponder those moviemaking terms and other stuff during my "free" time.  Yeah, right.

Well, Yetunde convicted me, so I thought I'd better get back to regular posting!  So there, Miss Lady!  I hope your doll workshop goes well tomorrow - you took the Process Pledge, so take pictures!!

I finished this quilt top that I made with the idea of using "large" cuts of fabric to use it up...
I think I should have used even larger pieces, these were cut at 4-1/2".  But you know, I like this simple 4-patch design that didn't need a lot of thought.  I only paid attention to the placement of light and dark but other than that, it was a no-brainer. 

In this closeup of the border you can see some fabric that's been haunting me:
I'm using this flowered-y vine-y piece for the backing also; I think I still have another yard or so of it left.  One more go at using it and the rest goes into my scrap bin!  That aqua sashing is another piece that needs to move on out.

I remember buying the piece from G Street Fabrics when they had a fairly decent $2.97 remnants table, some blends but mostly cottons. (Their website could use some work, but what do I know?)  G Street used to have some great fabrics on that table, they got new stuff in about every two weeks and you never knew what you'd find. I remember one day I found a large pile of off-white and white-on-white fabrics that had just come in - I don't mean the muslin stuff either.  I bought something like 30 yards!  White is something you can always use and it doesn't get "dated."

When I was at the Fabric Peddler last Saturday I picked up two pieces of fabric Nadine was holding for me, isn't it gorgeous?

I got there just in time, it was down to the bolt! 

I always like African ladies; some people call them dolls.  So many possibilities for using these!

Well, today is loc maintenance day, then maybe I'll do some cleaning in my basement, yech!  With my newly-washed hair covered, of course...

Sew forth and sew on til later


  1. I just love the African Ladies - what unique' fabrics. How fun these will be to pla with.

  2. Seeing your four patches reminded of the 400 or so 4-patches that Wendy, Carrie and I swapped back in February. I gotta to get to work. I purchased some of the African ladies too. I love them.


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