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Friday, August 19, 2011

South of Baltimore again

Yesterday I washed the Afri-scraps I picked up, to get the sizing (or whatever) out; and I even basted the smaller pieces together so they wouldn't get lost beneath the agitator.  Surprisingly, it worked out pretty good!  So now I'm good to go with my scraps.

I made another South of Baltimore block that I'll show you, but first I want to share some shots from one of my favorite movies - Karate Kid!  Little Dre had graduated from "jacket on-jacket off" and was in another training session just as I was finishing the block last night. 

Here he was kicking the bell hanging above him...

Balancing exercise...

ahhh, the limberness of youth!

the teacher...

the opponent...

and the winner!

And now my new South of Baltimore block...

I have no idea what kind of flower that is, or if it even has a name. 

I used the same layout as the first block because I found it an easy one.  The yellow is from "regular" fabric because I discovered the scrap yardage wasn't dark enough to show well against the light background.  On a dark background I'd definitely use scrap yardage because it wouldn't matter if there were lighter areas.

So that's two blocks; I might make just two more and put them together in a wall hanging set two by two.  I think I'd want the last two to be set differently though, just for variety.

Well, sew forth and sew on for now; have a great Friday!


  1. That is some amazing kid!(and great pictures) Those blocks look like they want many more friends.

  2. The flower block is GORGEOUS!! I agree with Julie, it looks like it wants a whole meadow of friends!! Maybe even a variety of backgrounds in the meadow!!



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