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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Well, an earthquake is NOT something I'm prepared to see happen where I live but it did!  The news is saying we haven't had an earthquake in this area since 1897, but I distinctly remember an earthquake a few months ago, around 5:30 am, sounded like a big truck rumbling past the house.  This area is prepared for storms, but not earthquakes, they're just not on!

I was on my way home from The Fabric Peddler, sitting at a light just shy of an overpass when my car started shaking and shaking.  At first I thought something was wrong with the engine and I'm wondering "what in the world!  This car is too new for that!"  Then I noticed cars around me were shaking too.

By the time I realized what was going on, it was over.  The news is saying it lasted from 30-45 seconds, but for me it was around 10 seconds and brother, that was enough!  The epicenter is not that far from the DC area.

At home I had only slight damage... the clock and some pencils fell off my computer desk; upstairs a basket that was "geometrically balanced" fell off the top of a cabinet, my container of pins fell off my sewing machine ... but that was all. 

The official news says it was a 5.9 quake, extending as far north as Boston or more!  Office buildings are being evacuated, the Metro is operating at 15 mph speeds.  Cell phones are out, I can't reach my sister in New Jersey but I noticed she called me while I was out.  But I can't call her back, the circuits are not working.  AND I dropped my cell phone and have no visual on that little window, bummer.  It's time for a new one anyway.

Update:  I just talked with my sister, she and her hubby spent a few days in New Orleans and came back home today by train.  She says they had JUST got home when she heard Amtrak service was shutting down.  Her train was running 20 minutes ahead of schedule, thank God!  Else, they would have been sitting out there someplace on the tracks, for who knows how long.
Whew!  I think we're supposed to get an aftershock?  I hope there aren't any more problems...

Sew forth and sew on til later


  1. We had the 'shake' here in NY (Albany area) - my SIL and I were on the road and didn't feel it, but when we got into town - everyone was evac on the street. Once home - nothing was out of place.

  2. Hi Linda
    I am so glad to hear that you are ok.
    We are praying that hurricane heads east into the ocean.the east coast does not need a storm!
    Stay safe.....
    Hugs from Louisiana

  3. *smiles*

    Shocking aren't they. They are more disturbing in the wee hours than any other time.... in my humble opinion.

    Hope you remember it as it is always a fun conversation in a group of people. I can tell you about ever earthquakes over 6.5. But than again, I live in an area that is is normal for quakes.

  4. There was an earthquake in my neck of the woods last night. The epicenter was near Trinidad, CO which is about 100 miles from where I live. I missed it completely and probably never would have found out about if it wasn't for Facebook. It wasn't as powerful as the east coast quake. "Ours" was only 5.3, according to my Facebook friends.

    Glad you are safe!!

  5. Here in Japan, that is an almost daily event. My cell phone gives a warning but that only really serves to verify that what you are feeling is a quake and not a big truck.

  6. My DD told me about the aftershock of 4.2 there earier this evening...said her phone was wonky also, but called from her cell phone tonight..I was out, darn it!
    Glad you made it home in your car okay..that would be scary!


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