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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Got er done!

Three things to be happy about:
(1) not being in a rush
(2) the pleasure of sleep
(3) old apothecary bottles

I don't have any old apothecary bottles, but do you know those little bottles the scented oil comes in, the ones with the wee diffuser sticks?  I think they're so cute!  I was about to toss one out yesterday and I looked at it and thought "you know, I should save this..."  But then I thought, "nope, it's just gonna end up being more junk to clean around."  Oh well, into the trash it went.

My Getterdone quilt top is finished...

Quilt Sticks - gotterdone!

It looks fair decent with the multicolored outer border, I just have to pull a back together and it'll be ready to quilt.  For now I feel okay just putting it on the to-be-quilted stack, no worries. 

This was a fun one to do and I will definitely do another one!  How about Christmas colors... I could make green backgrounds with white strips, or red backgrounds with white... or white backgrounds with red and green... or gold backgrounds with green and white... or maybe a winter theme of blue and white with snowflakes tossed in there someplace.  You can't lose with this one.

The rest of my Q-time yesterday was spent folding fabrics, but not much sorting.  However, by folding up some fabrics and separating pieces small enough to qualify as scraps, I was able to combine 3 tubs into 2.  Freeing up space is a good thing!  I also tossed some pieces into the ugly bin for later consideration.  If the ugly bin is getting bigger, does that mean my fabric tastes are changing?

Today I don't plan to do a new Getterdone project, I'm just going to do some 15-minute play and maybe work on my School House ufo.

Sew forth and sew on til later...


  1. Love the stix blocks - lots of possibilities. Hmmm, I don't have an ugly bin. Does that mean I'm stuck in a rut or just love it all?

  2. I love it. I want to make one, but I got way to much going on...it goes at the bottom of my
    5th to do list. Robin

  3. Your "ugly bin" made me giggle! I never thought of having one of those!! You don't want those "uglies" mingling with the cute ones and maybe rubbing off some of their ugly!


  4. I love you quilt sticks. It is so colorful. I can see a Christmas quilt in this design as well. That would be very pretty.


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