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Thursday, September 1, 2011

This and that

Or I should say "this, and that new project."

Is there a secret button you push when you have enough projects??  Does a red light go on and you hear a beeping sound?? 

I didn't think so...

I've decided to join a few friends from my guild and work on Baltimore album blocks (not to be confused with my South of Baltimore blocks!)  from the Rose of Sharon Block Book by Sharon Pederson. 
These block designs are winners of the EQ6 challenge... did any of you enter the challenge?  Your block might be in the book!

We'll each pick the blocks we want to work on, then meet once a month or so to support each other.  I haven't decided which ones I'll do yet, but the book has some pretty interesting choices...

I also haven't decided if I'll do a traditional quilt or a table runner, or something else entirely. 

I'm not normally a hand work person, but it wouldn't hurt to brush up my hand piecing skills.

I haven't posted lately but I've been working on this and that "behind the scenes"... stuff I can't show you yet.  The red and white challenge I'm in will be unveiled in December, there's another project I'll show you next month and another in November.   

Meanwhile, I found this little test block that I did some time ago...

It's been so long that I can't even remember when it was, but chances are really good it's been a few years!

I't a log cabin style block; I like what I started with the colors, except that green batik-ey piece in the top corner.  I may start slicing and dicing my African fabrics (is that yet another project??) and see what turns up.

And then meanwhile, I'm really enjoying being retired!!

Sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. Retired in your case seems to be more work. Those challenges look like fun.

  2. Linda,
    Love the test block. Funkyness ready to happen! So happy you stopped by my blog last week. Although, I think I can learn more by visiting you.


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