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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Get ready, get ready!

Three things to be happy about:
(1) desk clocks with pendulums
(2) pumpkins
(3) open 24/7

I just thought I'd throw that last one in because my November calendar has a graphic of a coffee cup that says "FRESH COFFEE served hot daily .. open 24/7"


I got my paint chips for this year's Quiltville mystery!  I thought I'd go for it this year because I like the color choices.

I'm pretty much set for the reds and golds; you only need 2-3/4 yards and 1-3/4 yards, respectively.

I just happened to have these already sorted out in the same bin and I also have more in another bin, so that saves me from having to go on a treasure hunt!  Digging for gold, as it were.

I have plenty neutrals, since I bought some last month on the Lancaster trip - I'm absolutely sure I have at least 5-1/2 yards!  You need 2-3/4 yards of black fabric and I have lots of black-and-white fabrics, but I'd like to beef that up with more "black-and" fabrics ... something other than black-and-white, just to stir things up!

Now grey!

I have this very large yardage of grey fabric that I got from JoAnn's sometime around July 4th.  It was on their discount table at (I think) $3.99 a yard, minus another 50%, so of course I had to get the entire piece!

The only thing is, it might have too much going on with the pink and yellow printed on it.  I believe I could work with this but I want to look for another piece...

Which brings me to this one... the color is perfect but I don't have enough - I need 1-1/2 yards!

This is less than 1/2 yard, the grey needs to be constant throughout the entire quilt.

Even the back side would have been perfect!

The chances of me finding more of this fabric are less than zero - I have no idea where I bought it (or when!) or the manufacturer.

Meanwhile I finished all the alternate blocks for my Passa-whatever quilt - I might name it that!

For some reason I managed to sew 12 more of the black strips than I needed - pfffft!

Sewing together the 9 patches is more fun and seems to go faster, especially since I'm chain piecing and webbing the blocks!

I love these red, white, and black 9 patches!

I need a total of 84 of these blocks; I want to get them as close to being finished as I can before the Quiltville mystery starts in two weeks - 20 down, 64 to go!

That's it for now, have a great Monday... uh, Tuesday!  Sew forth and sew on til later!

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  1. Haven't started to pull for the mystery yet, but I already know I'm going to be hurting in the gold department. I'll have to substitute. You've got a great selection there....I'm slightly jealous. LOVE the b/w/red blocks! But then we both knew I would, right? This is going to be a wonderful Pass-whatever quilt (and I think that's a great name).


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