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Monday, November 16, 2015

Webbing the top

Three things to be happy about:
(1) Monday mornings
(2) a new Costco sales flyer
(3) Listening to Old School music

Do you ever listen to music on your TV?  I don't mean Pandora... most carriers probably carry the music stations, on Direct TV they're at channels 800 and higher.  I like channel 844 - Old School Funk - it takes me back, back, even waaaay back!

I'm at the sewing stage for my Passion quilt!

I've been webbing the top and it has gotten a bit unweildy? unwieldy? - awkward! after sewing a few vertical rows...

But before I got to that point I played with a couple layouts.

I sorta liked the boxy effect of the blacks in this layout but I couldn't figure out how to make consistent boxes and also allow the reds to stand out.

My whole point was to let them step across in order, and shine!

On the other hand I didn't want a plain slanted stripe as this would have done...

so I twisted it a bit!

To the right...

... then back to the left.

I think this will do the trick!

Half the rows are done at this point.

Because I didn't stack the blocks at my sewing machine (afraid of getting them out of order) I've been gathering one column at a time - up and down the stairs!

Great exercise, but sheesh!

At this point it's getting awkward to handle as I mentioned above, so I'll put aside the left half, web the right half, then combine the two.

Looks like a plan!

Time for breffus, sew forth and sew on til later...


  1. I only web small projects just for that reason. It is looking real pretty!!

  2. Wow! This thing practically made itself! Really like the layout you choose. Lots of movement and both the reds and the blacks get attention. Good job, Linda.

  3. Linda, what is webbing? I have been a quilter for years but am unfamiliar with the term. I read through your post but I still don't know, enlighten a sister!

  4. Oooh -- stunning!! Great layout!


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