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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Progress, in black and white

Three things to be happy about:
(1) designer eyeglasses
(2) morning sunshine
(3) books that make you laugh

I'm listening to an audible book (The Bone Tree); part of the setting is in the 60's, and they mentioned someone flying from one place to another on Eastern Airlines.  Man, that takes me back!  My first ever ever ever airline flight was on Eastern Airlines, from New Jersey all the way to North Carolina.  I remember when my sister told me I would get a meal and didn't have to pay, I was totally amazed!   Ahh, nostalgia.

I'm making progress on my Passa-whatever quilt!

I decided to concentrate on piecing one unit first, rather than piecing both at the same time.

Since the black and white strips are so boring, I thought I'd go ahead and get those out of the way!

I found a whole bunch of black and white scraps that I had bagged when I was sorting my scraps by color.

It turns out to be a good thing!  Now all I have to do is cut them into 4" pieces at different widths.


Ready to be pieced for the center of the alternate unit.  Did I mention this is the boring part??

For the size quilt I want to make, I figure I need 84 of each unit.  Eighty-four!

Well, I take it back, it's not really that boring, I just take one piece and add to another til I get a strip that's 9" long. a wider piece on each end.

That little pile doesn't look like much, but there are 50 in there, so combined with the ones already pieced and a few in progress on my sewing machine, I have 24 yet to piece!

They do go kinda fast - one strip at a time... steady as she goes...

Sew forth and sew on...


  1. Consider it soul-calming, not boring. That is my mantra while quilting...until I have to rip something apart and start over. Grrr!

  2. I just got back into town....and able to check my blogs....and I love what I'm seeing here. Black and white...what's not to love? Now if some red were to sneak in there I'd be in heaven!!


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