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Monday, June 11, 2012

What happens in Vegas...

gets posted on my blog!

Hi everybody!  Well, as you can see I'm back from my vacation in Las Vegas and we had a really great time!  There wasn't a trip to the Grand Canyon, though; maybe next trip  :o)

We stayed at Harrah's on the Strip, a pretty nice hotel.

The first day Eloise and I ate breakfast at a cafe in the hotel, but I can show you what we discovered the second day:  if you go past the Japanese restaurant, hang right at the jewelry store, make another right at the statue, go straight past the buffet and through the doorless wall... McDonald's!  Hey, I'd rather spend $1.16 for a sausage biscuit and coffee at Mickie D's than almost $20 for a sausage and egg combo on taco chips at the cafe!

There's a lot to see and do during the day if you don't mind a bit of walking. Although we took the Deuce downtown and the Monorail along the strip, you still have to get out and walk, can't get around it!  You could get a 24-hour pass on the Deuce for $7; on the monorail it cost $9 for all day. 

We took the monorail to the MGM Grand to see the lions, but they were doing heavy renovations inside and the lions had been moved someplace else - bummer!  But I was fascinated by this Jelly Belly Statue of Liberty just inside the MGM Grand, wow!  The sales clerk told me how many jelly beans made the statue but I didn't write it down so I forgot... somewhere above 100,000 though.  Even the base is jelly bellies.

The Flamingo Hotel had their flamingoes on display, along with other birds in the glass-domed wildlife habitat inside the hotel. 
There was also a large fish pond that had the most gorgeous HUGE gold fish and some other kind of darker fishes.  I couldn't get a good photo to show you, they all came out too murky.

We went to the Mirage to see the baby penguins, but at $30 for an all day pass ... we passed!  Their volcano show at night was great though, I wonder how they avoid burning down those palm trees, the flames look just that close!

I have more stuff to share, but I have to run now, didn't realize it's almost 9 o'clock!  Sew forth and sew on til later


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  1. I'm glad to see I am not the only tightwad when it comes to sight-seeing.(including the eating part). Welcome home!


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