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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blog on... blog off

Three things to be happy about:
(1) cashing in a piggy bank
(2) becoming more flexible
(3) cocooning

I've never been or seen cocooning, but it might make somebody happy... go for it!

Today is my 1st anniversary as a lady of leisure (retiree) and I'm still loving it!

Every two years or so my sister Michelle (in New Jersey) sponsors a trip to Las Vegas; this year's trip just happens to start on my anniversary, so I get to give myself a week in Vegas as an anniversary present, yes!!!! 

Fremont Street at night is one place we like to visit in Vegas, all those lights stretching the full length of the street.  I'm always fascinated at how they project those pictures up there!  If you visit the street during the day?  You hardly notice the lights strung over the street, but at night it really comes alive, lots of music and video action!

Now this trip we need to put the Bellagio fountains way up on our list of touristy things to do, we keep missing them at night!  Ever since Ocean's Eleven, I've wanted to see those fountains at night, in real life.  Also, a trip to the Grand Canyon is a possibility, but not set in concrete.

So, I'll be doing the MIA thing again, but this time it was planned well in advance.  A friend and I are flying out of BWI this morning at 6:15 *yawn* - but the good news is we'll get there at 8:20, which gives us the entire day to fool around.  My sister is due to arrive with the rest of the group approximately an hour after we do, so Eloise and I will prolly have breffus while we're waiting to hook up. 

We're staying at Harrah's this time, and omg their dinner buffet is super-scrumptious, yum!  

I actually scheduled this post a few days before you're reading it so I wouldn't be rushed at the last minute, but be sure and send happy thoughts my way while I wear out those penny machines.  Two years ago, a lady - I can honestly say no one introduced her to me, just sayin' - hit the penny slots for 74,000 pennies, ding-ding-ding!!

Sew forth and sew on, see you in a week

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