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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No-sew, but sew nice


Well, I didn't get to sew yesterday but the day was sew nice in a couple of ways:  (1) less humidity meant cooler weather and (2) I got to spend a good part of the day with my buds Char and Pat!

We went to see Madagascar 3 at the Academy 8 theater in Beltway Plaza (Maryland).

I liked this movie but I think I liked the first one more, maybe because the characters were just being introduced.   BUT it's always a happy time to have popcorn and a movie with friends, rared back with your feet up on the rail. 

We had lunch afterwards at Ruby Tuesday and as I was leaving I noticed the lobby floors ... it's funny I never paid attention to their floors before!

Isn't this pattern gorgeous?  And the colors are great too, I like that subtle touch of red between the two-toned green 16-patches.

Since we were so good at Beltway Plaza by not making a run into the JoAnn's (Char said she was proud of us!), after lunch we rewarded ourselves with Italian ices at Rita's Ice Custard Happiness. Pat got a mango ice, Char and I each got a strawberry gelati, yumm!  Calories, get behind me (ooops, not there please)!

But we weren't the only ones who liked dessert... this cute little doggie got his/her reward too, and Pat got a chance to feed it to him while his mommie collected her change!

Being with Char and Pat is always an adventure, so you know it had  to get better!

There's a produce truck affiliated with a food bank(?) that parks one street over from Pat's house on Tuesdays, which distributes a variety of produce.  Whatever they have on hand is entirely free for the taking (but they do take donations for the food bank).

Yesterday they had cabbages and some of the biggest sweet potatoes I've seen since I left North Carolina! 
aren't these huge compared to this man's hand?  I picked up one and said to the lady, "Are these sweet potatoes from North Carolina?" and she said "Yeah, how'd you know?"  Well, it turns out she was not only from North Carolina, but also from Fayetteville - my home town!  Small world, I tell ya!   I got half a dozen potatoes but I passed up on the cabbages - not a huge fan.

So that was my day, I hope yours was just as nice - whether you sewed or just chilled out!  Have a great Wednesday... sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. I enjoyed the outing yesterday. Love the pictures. I sent Ruby Tuesday an email asking them to go back to their salad bar and to tell them that their B&C soup was to salty. I got a reply today. They are sending me a $20 coupon, you talk about good customer service. Our next outing should be the new Tyler Perry Movie.

  2. you're from Fayetteville? My son-in-law's family is from a town nearby. He's Lumbee, from Pembroke. He and our eldest met when going to UNCP.

    I see some yummy sweet tater pie in your future. Ooh that sounds good... I love me a good sweet tater...


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