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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

just a few more

Of course I can't help showing pictures of some happy food I saw in Vegas - namely cheesecake! 

We saw these scrumptious looking cheesecakes over at the Mirage hotel and casino.  Nope, nope I didn't indulge in any but man oh man was it tempting!  Cheesecake Factory, eat your heart out!

If you have a sweet tooth, it seems everywhere you looked you saw something to make you grin. You've already seen the Jelly Belly Statue of Liberty at the MGM Grand, but take a look at these gourmet caramel apples we saw at the Venetian!

This lady was nice enough to hold up one, even though they weren't open yet - oh man, what they do for tourists!! They had all kinds of flavors, including white chocolates and different kinds of chopped nuts. 

And then there's this flapper lady made from gum drops and strips; everything is candy except the headdress, underskirt and gloves!

As we played the slots we racked up points on our player club cards that we could use as cash in the member casinos.  The points dissapear after six months of non-activity, but by Wednesday we had enough points on our cards to experience that fantastic dinner buffet at the Rio hotel... oh what a night!  They had all kinds of food, from here..... to there! They even had a free shuttle to take us to it!

One evening we walked down the Strip to see the pirate show at the front of the Treasure Island hotel but I don't have any pictures to share; it was dark and the lighting was too funky. 

We were sorta disappointed in this one.  The show used to be all about pirates attacking each other and sinking ships, but they changed it to a more "sexy" image. I think they should have left it as they'd been doing it for the last umpteen years, because it definitely wasn't geared towards kids at all. Women in super-slinky skimpy outfits singing a very seductive song to lure a pirate to their ship, then they fire at each other while gyrating their bodies. After walking down there early to get a good spot and waiting 20 minutes for the show to start, we didn't even stay for the whole thing. A lot of people were leaving, most with kids on their shoulders.

We did see the fountain show at the Bellagio hotel, but during the day from across the street... Shell didn't want to get wet. ;-)  The show was great though!

Two last photos... the first one is a shot of the MGM Grand as we approach it from the monorail, across the pedestrian bridge. 
I wanted to get the statue without shooting it through the fence.  On the extreme left is the Excalibur hotel; you can see a ride curling into the sky (red rails).  It takes a lot of whatever to get on that thing and fly around as hot as it was that day!  The MGM Grand is directly in front.

My last shot is of "the statue" we used as a landmark within Harrah's hotel ("turn left at the statue" or "turn right at the statue").

This is just at the edge of the casino area; I think it's a subtle reminder that if you put all your money in their slots, you too can be rich and thin.  And have a little poodle.

Sew forth and sew on


  1. I love the lady clothed in candy! What fun!!
    I'm sad to hear that the pirate show is now geared to "sleezy" instead of to families. I guess they just couldn't "make it" as a family thing. That's sad, too.
    Looks like you're having a blast!

  2. OMG, I'm so hungry for sweets. You torture us so... LOL! the candy lady is amazing! That is just so cool!


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