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Friday, June 15, 2012

sewing my blocks; a good series

Three things to be happy about:
(1) being highly motivated
(2) excitement
(3) reading the last page of a book

Hi everybody, thanks for your comments; and for my shy visitors - thanks for stopping by, I like it when you visit!  I always know when you're here ... I can hear you breathing   ;-)

About Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, I highly recommend it!  Years ago when I read the first book in the series because of someone's recommendation, I couldn't wait to share it with a co-worker who loved to read.  I loaned her the first book (Outlander) while I started on the second one (Dragonfly in Amber), and after about a week I asked her what she thought of it.  I remember her saying something like "... uh, it's really thick, I might look at it later."  Of course, I was so excited I wanted her to jump right into it, right then!  So a few days later I asked her if she'd started the book yet, and again her response was something like "... uh, not yet..."  No, no, that wouldn't do at all!  So the third time I said to her "I tell you what... just read the first 50 pages, then if you don't think you'll like it you can give it back."

Well, that happened to be a long holiday weekend and she was off til the next Wednesday, so when I saw her back in the office I asked "did you get a chance to look at the book?"  Her response was "OH!  OH!  THAT BOOK IS SO GOOD!  I didn't want to fix dinner or anything, I told my husband to get take out and LEAVE ME ALONE so I could read!"  Long story short, she's a die-hard Outlander fan, we both have the entire thing on Audible and we're waiting on the edge of our seats for the seventh book to come out in 2013.  Consequently, she's gotten her daughter and daughter-in-law hooked too!

I'm sewing the binding on my mystery quilt, something I should have done weeks ago - don't ask!  I've also sewn together a few of the scrappy blocks I cut up before I went on vacation.  I like the way they're looking already!  Here are some blocks with the sashing added to one side:

I pieced a dozen or three and placed some of them on the design wall just to see what they look like, they're not sewn together yet...

The final quilt will have the sashing on both sides, which will then have two borders added.  My first thought was to try and sort out the colors so they would be evenly mixed, but I'm not so sure I want to fuss with it.  I might just let the scraps fall where they may!  The two purply-blue-green blocks at the bottom don't bother me being side by side, I don't want to overthink this quilt.  I say it's a great start!

Now I want to share something with you that's going to make you jump right outta your seat - my unique iron filler!

My Sunbeam iron slurps water like a drunkard, I don't know why.  That little plastic thing that came with the iron?  In this case it wasn't even half-way up to snuff, so I resurrected this watering can from the basement and I use it to hold the extra filling water.  I had been using a Deer Park bottle and was constantly running to the bathroom to refill it, but the watering can holds more, is easier to fill, and the spout is just the right size that I can refill the iron without spilling.  You saw it here first!

Sew forth and sew on


  1. you made me chuckle with your watering can. Love it!

    Ok, I'll be looking for that Outlander series on disc at the library... you've convinced me.

  2. I love the Outlander series (audio), too. And now I like the watering can idea. I use an empty water bottle and sometimes get a foot bath - this looks promising.

  3. I just had to laugh while I was reading your post and saw your watering can!!! lol I swear I have the EXACT same watering can! My son (who just turned 36) gave it to me as a gift when he was just a little guy! I've thought about getting a new one but the sentiment that goes with this one makes it impossible to toss - besides it still works great with no leaking. :)


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