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Monday, June 18, 2012

So, this is what happened

Hi everybody! 

By now if you read yesterday's post you've seen the mystery quilt I made for the Wee Bee Quilters 2012 challenge using the Shoo Fly block.  I wanted to use just solids for a change, just to see what the finished quilt would look like, and I have to admit I like it!  This is the first quilt I've done without borders, and if you think that's not a challenge in itself, just try maintaining a straight edge while you quilt it on a surface that keeps grabbing the quilt!

As you've guessed from the blog title, it wasn't finished without a certain amount of drama attached.  When I made the quilt in March, I tried three different settings for the blocks before I decided not to overthink it and just pick something ... it's just a quilt for pete's sake!

My first idea was to set the blocks side-by-side with a border (no sashing), but that was a bit too... blah.

Then I decided the perfect thing would be a half log cabin-like setting, using solid bands in blue and green.   Uhmmmm, I don't think so! 

It started off okay ... see that 12" block in the corner?  BUT, the solid bands looked a little too blank for some reason.  I considered placing appliqued flowers or doo-dad shapes in there, but for some reason I just couldn't get my mind wrapped around this layout.

So you know what comes next ... unsew the whole thing, throw it down, and call Charlene!  She encouraged me to go with the log cabin layout but, as I mentioned earlier, it was hard to get my mind wrapped around it... and the calendar was ticking - it was already mid-March and I wanted to get this off my radar.

Then I thought of the layout you see above, solid-and-white wonky shoo fly blocks alternating with solid blue blocks! 

The binding (which I finished sewing down on Friday!) is a solid green, simply because I didn't have enough of that blue left.  But it's actually a good touch - at 36x36 and with those bright colors, I believe this little guy will make a nice crib quilt!

As I look at the picture of the log cabin setting, it makes me want to rethink that layout.  Maybe if it gets done in regular printed fabrics, it would have a totally different look?  Don't be surprised if you see me do one with strings where the solid bands are... it has possibilities!

In any case, enjoy your Monday; sew forth and sew on!


  1. Darn I hop e you get your head wrapped around that layout. I love that- and I may just use it!

  2. Go for it, Gene! In fact, I challenge you to do one ... I'll be watching!

  3. Oh the block is rather simple that needs a simple setting that is it's charm.

  4. I like the simplicity of the alternating block layout. It really focuses on the shoofly shape.

    Like Gene, I love the log cabin layout idea. I can see that with the strings.


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