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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This n that

Three things to be happy about:
(1) pulling off a surprise
(2) making Dad's favorite meal
(3) eating under a tree

It's a few days past Father's Day and it occurs to me I never knew my father's favorite meal.  Oh well, it's a bit late now - that dude would eat anything!

As for pulling off a surprise?  Yesterday Pepco was on our street cleaning out water or something from the electric areas beneath the street.  They hadn't put up any "No Parking" signs, so a couple cars were in their way and there was this one car they couldn't work around.  At one point I looked outside and I saw my neighbor's car being towed away down the street!

I wish I could have seen his face when he came home from work and found the car he left midway the block on the left hand side, now parked at the end of the block on the opposite side of the street!  But my rambling point is, they had to shut off the electricity right smack in the middle of my sewing session and I didn't finish what I was working on.

Here are a few more pictures from Saturday's Friend and Family day at the rec center:
Char and Gwen do the wobble

Yetunde knits while Carolyn binds a small quilt

Char poses with her challenge quilt, a Jacob's Ladder pattern

Today is our quarterly retiree luncheon, I hope it's a good day for a barbecue!  I'm taking the easy way out with an apple pie from Costco - gotta love those deep dish pies!

Have a great Tuesday, sew forth and sew on...


  1. Costco pies rock! I bet your neighbor was confused. I would be. And I *adore* Char's Jacob's Ladder quilt. Your group does some awesome work!

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  3. I will try this again. I really like Char's JL quilt. I never thought to use black in a JL, but it is really exciting. How fun.


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