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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We got snow...

... right here in River City!
as you can see, it was just enough to cover the car... sorta.  Then it started a very thin rain but hey, I can live with that!  Inch-wise I can't tell you how many we got, but who cares?  I'm retired!

One more wonky house to show you... it was a good idea in my head but I'm not too fond of the reality; maybe it'll grow on me?
The body of the house looks a bit pale, although I like the fabric a lot.  I wanted the door to be a very slight angle, but I didn't angle it quite enough.  Larry, Moe and Curly seem to be happy about it, though!

As I was cleaning in my sewing room yesterday I ran across these empty paper towel tubes stuck on a shelf,
 then I had to remind myself why it was such a great idea to save em...

They make great storage tubes for oversized patterns!

I supersized this picture one day last summer to make a quilt for my sister's grandson or -daughter --  they're twins!  Anyway, it's to be an applique pattern and I didn't want to get fold creases in it.  Sure, I could have cut the pieces apart but then I'd prolly lose the pieces...  The tubes are just what I need to store it.

I just rolled up a couple patterns and slipped them inside a tube - perfect solution!  I have an empty popcorn tin that I can stand these up in until I need them. 

I'm not a long-armer, but I bet these would be great for storing those quilt patterns too!

Have a great Tuesday, sew forth and sew on


  1. I'm jealous. No flurries in Richmond, VA yet:(

    Great idea using tubes to hold patterns. I bet that would work for my interfacing too.I'm always folding it up.

  2. I drove up from Richmond to see my sister and was surprised by snow in Fredericksburg. Glad it didn't stick to the roads.

  3. Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck. I have some scraps of Moe, Larry and Curly left from a QOV project. Glad to see you've given yours a home to call their own. (and my Fairfax County teacher child was so disappointed there wasn't a snow day today... but not me!)

  4. I can't get excited about snow! I sure was glad to see the sun and a bit of blue sky this morning. It's been gray and rainy here in Port Alberni Canada for a good couple of weeks.No Snow here PLEASE!!!!

  5. A couple of years ago my DIL sent me everyone's foot patterns through the mail..They were sent in a cardboard tube with the ends scotch taped down...came through fine...


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