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Friday, January 27, 2012

Is it Friday already?

Time really flies when you're having fun!

Three things to be happy about:
(1) a phone call from a friend
(2) the latches on storage jars
(3) being nice to your neighbor

Well, yesterday was trash day and they'd left my neighbor Mike's can in back of the house on the other side of me, so I kindly closed the cover and dragged it back to his house.  Kudos for me!

In yesterday's comments I was asked about my scrap sizes, I have so many different pieces that are odd shapes and sizes in that bin! 
and these are just the ones I've tossed in there within the last week or so!

While I was sorting/folding my fabric, I usually kept pieces that were a half yard or more in the regular yardage, but if I found a piece that was less than width of fabric, like these...

I tossed them into the scrap bin.

And then there were pieces that were width of fabric, but kinda skinny

and I considered those scraps, too.  See the piece with the birdhouses?  I kept not using it, thinking I'd fussy cut the bird houses, but I've had this particular piece a very long time, and I haven't fussy cut it yet... so into the scraps it went! 

And the yellow is a bright piece -- I've always collected brights to use in children's quilts or in houses or stars. I think I've used some of this one recently (within the past 6-12 months) but I tossed that piece in with the scraps too.

I was also finding pieces that started out as half-yard pieces, and I had cut chunks out of one end.  I didn't bother neatening them up into fat quarters, I just tossed them in the bin.

And then there's this piece of aqua:

I've had this one so many years, it's old enough to vote!   I kept saying to myself  "it's trees, I might need those trees!" 

Well.... I haven't used it yet, so in it went!  Get to steppin'

And as for deconstructing the shirts, I used a method I found on Jo's blog; since I only had 3-4 to deconstruct, it went pretty fast! 

I did cut some strips yesterday, but I hardly made a dent in the scrap bin... you know how that goes.  I've decided to start kitting up fabrics to make the Japanese x and + blocks that I've been seeing, so I cut a few 2" and 3-1/2" strips.  I'll make a few blocks, then if I still like them I'll cut more fabric over time - they look pretty interesting.  I found a tutorial for them here.  I also have a separate bin that I've been tossing ugly fabrics into, I'll cut those into strips to mix in there.

Well that's how my day went, I hope you had a productive one!  Sew forth and sew on


  1. I did a little tidying of my scraps,too. Some went into my bag for the little houses project and the rest was broken down into pre-cuts and into my barrels. Love that tree fabric!

  2. I know it is hard to part with our scraps I to have a box full. I have a tought about your bird houses and trees scraps they would work nicely in fabric post cards Have a great day. I think I will have to go through my scraps this weekend too.

  3. thanks for answering my question!I have one of those pop-up laundtry baskets I use for scraps. If it's foldable it goes back in the fabric bin. If it's not, it goes in the scrap bin.

  4. Beware with those blocks. I'm up to 160 and still going. What makes them Japanese? I saw them on some other blogs but I haven't seen them here in Japan yet.


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