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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another day older and business as usual

Thanks everybody for my wonderful birthday wishes!!  It makes a lady feel right loved  :o*)

I had planned on goofing off yesterday but I didn't get around to it!  The only thing I did differently was, I didn't blog hop ... but isn't blog hopping sometimes called "goofing off"??  Oh, I know - it's considered goofing off if you do it all day long!!  Didn't happen for me yesterday  ;o)

I won these lovely red fat quarters on a Mystery Monday giveaway from Annie at Ruby Slipperz...
the color came out all wonky but they're pretty in real life!

And this great giveaway I won came yesterday from Sue at Snippets of My Life

She crocheted these herself, aren't the colors great?  It's a dishcloth, a coaster and a scrubbie on top.  The coaster can also be used as a face scrubber - I think that's what I'll use it for because it'll be so soft!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, but not before I got a shot of the latest in the remodeling going on next door...

See that hose coming out the side?  They were blowing in insulation, this is very interesting stuff to me!  They were also installing some insulating pads, probably wrapping the new air exchanger system they put in.  The company bought it for $312,500, which is less than the previous owner's asking price.  It'll be interesting to see how much they flip it for, with all the work they're putting in it!  I called the office yesterday to ask some nosey questions, and he told me they're "putting a new house in an old shell" and he's inviting me to the open house they'll have in March.  I was going anyway.

Now, just so you know I didn't spend the entire day minding other people's business, I deconstructed some shirts I've had for awhile, so I could put them where they belong (wherever that is - but it's not tossed in a pile on the cutting table).  I need to press these and cut them into strips, and remove the buttons from the collars and cuffs.  I'll get whatever I can from them (nothing smaller than 1-1/2" strips), then toss the rest in the trash.

I also sorted and folded some more fabric. I was surprised at how many scrap pieces I had in my yardage bins... no wonder they were so tumbled!  I've needed to redefine my definition of "scraps."

I've had a dry cough/sneeze combination for a few days and the doctor told me the same thing he told me in early November:  I need to get a humidifier for the bedroom -- he recommended a sonic one.  So yesterday when I left his office (with a coupon his wife gave me) I got a Sharper Image one from BuyBuyBaby.  I'm impressed with how quiet it runs, we'll see if it makes a difference.  I'm also taking MucinexD twice a day for a few days... wish me luck, I've had enough of this cough/sneeze.

So today it's business as usual again, sew forth and sew on


  1. so what size do you consider fabric to be a scrap? I know everyone has a personal definition.

    Congrats on the big wins... and the red will surely come in handy for valentine's day!!!!!

  2. Great pile of shirts! Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Aren't you the lucky birthday girl qith two wins!
    Don't you think taking apart shirts is a bit of a drag? i get bored so quickly doing that, but the fabric is great.
    Hope you feel better, let us know how the humdifier is working. I just bought saline spray for my nose, to dry wherever I am!

  4. I'm sure I would be very curious about the next-door renovations. That is not the same as nosy. I can't think of insulation that is blown in. Fiber in the air sounds a bit scary. It'll be fun to see where your fabric ends up.


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