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Monday, January 16, 2012

New house in the 'hood'

Three things to be happy about:
(1) sleeping late without guilt
(2) waking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
(3) a hearty breffus

NancyinSTL gave me these three things to be happy about:
(1) the best hubby in the world
(2) great friends
(3) a good night's sleep

I'm loving it!

I'm usually being uprooted from bed by the workmen next door, but this morning when I could  have slept later?   I woke up bright and early around 7!  Go figure. 

Here's a new neighbor on the block:
This is my seventh house for the wonky house swap; I did a bit of landscaping on this one, I might go back and add a sun - we'll see.  

I've been a bit "down under" the past few days - in fact it was more than two weeks!  There was a mixup in my health insurance, which I had to pay myself since retirement (they couldn't automatically deduct it from my interim annuity).  Benefeds didn't get December's payment that I sent in mid-November  just after my cruise, then by the time I saw what was going on and made the payments for December and  January - and THEY CASHED THE CHECK - it didn't get posted to my account in time.  Long story short, my supplemental dental and visual insurance got cancelled the first week of this month.  And they didn't just cancel it effective January 7 - it was retroactive all the way back to September! 

It got straightened out and everything is okay now, but during that time I was in knots!  I didn't feel like working on anything quilty... and the stuff that I did  do just wasn't turning out right.  So... it's been a very frustrating, unproductive more-than-two weeks for me with the insurance mess at the back of my mind and the workmen next door bang-bang-banging all day long. 

Well, that was my story but I'm bouncing back on top now!  My plans today are to do a bit of sewing and some cleaning in my basement.  I hope you have a fun day!  If you're still "non-retired", have a great holiday!

Sew forth and sew on


  1. insurance issues suck. Period.

  2. I think a few of us have had that experience, too. Glad it is straightened out, but geeeeeezzzzeee! Here's to a better day.

  3. I have Japanee national health insurance, I can pick my own doctor and dentist and just about everything is covered. I am afraid to return to the states and try to get insurance at my age.
    Like the house with landscaping. Is that a fish living there? He shouldn't make as much noise as the workmen.

  4. I'm so glad your insurance issue worked out. Life is just too short to spend time cleaning up after other people's mistakes or waiting in call tree hell. It feels great to vent about it, so that you can then forget about it and move on.


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