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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nipping away at Orca Bay

Three things to be happy about:
(1) crunchy peanut butter on raisin bread
(2) plants in a greenhouse
(3) finding two seats together at a crowded movie

The trick, I b'lieve, is to get there before they turn out the lights!

I'm making slow progress on my Orca Bay mystery quilt, while I keep reminding myself "Bonnie said it's not a race... it's not a race..." 

I got three rows pieced, and they look great!

They're not sewn together yet but I like what I'm seeing so far.  I kept getting mixed up with the direction of the blues until I realized the stripes in the blue string blocks follow the uphill/downhill slant of the red string blocks.  After that, it was a piece o' cake!  I like that secondary red block around the black block, it's so pretty.  Looking at a picture of Bonnie's finished quilt is one thing, but when you see your own up close and personal - and you realize you did it?  Man, what a feeling!

I haven't pieced the bits for the border, because after seeing the finished quilt (as gorgeous as it is!) I think I might like to try a different border treatment - we'll see!

I finally got the hanging sleeve sewn on my red and white challenge quilt while I was getting my car serviced... why is it so difficult for me to do that last little thing?  I get the main part done, then agonize over the binding... not because the binding is difficult, but because it's my least favorite part of the quilt!  Go figure.  Then, when I FINALLY get the binding on, I fool around and it takes me awhile to get the sleeve and label on.  What's up with that??  Anyway, it's done - and done is good

So that's my story and I'm sticking with it - sew forth and sew on til later; have a great Sunday.


  1. I haven't seen a finished Orca Bay but yours is coming together delightfdully! I admire your work, thanks for sharing.

  2. your orca quilt looks GREAT! I had to put mine on the shelf, not liking my colors and the strip pieces (red) are too big, having to pin A LOT...

  3. Love the way your Orca Bay is coming together. Seeing all the finished quilts coming together is motivating me to keep going on mine. I'm sure if this was just a random quilt out of a book I would have given up long ago.

  4. It's really starting to look great! Love it!!! I can't wait until I get my sewing room back. Then I can sew again... I'm missing my machines!

  5. If I know I'm going to NEED a hanging sleeve, I sew the top edge inside the binding with that line of machine stitching. Then I only have to sew the lower edge of the sleeve by hand.

    If the size of the borders makes it possible, I make the sleeve just a little wider than one of the borders, and then stitch-in-the-ditch from the front by machine to catch the lower edge of the sleeve. If that works, NO hand stitching!


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