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Friday, January 6, 2012

Four-inch Friday

Good morning everybody *yawn*

I'm up, yes I am

Since I'm up I thought I'd go ahead and post my regular Friday 4-inch block - where'd the week go??
For block #20 I paper-pieced this little strip into the block, I like that spark the red adds to it.  In fact, I like the strip so much I'll definitely use it in other blocks!

From now on you can click the block and see the entire collection in a photo stream.  To see each block at its best click "options" and uncheck the selection that says "Embiggen small things to fill screen..."

Well, they came an hour earlier this morning, those guys working on the house next door - at around 7:15.  Ask me how I know!  What I do know is they woke me up.

But things are looking up!  I think they're moving into the home stretch because the sounds I'm hearing now are rumbling sounds and a lot less banging. 
Two days ago they put up this sign-holder, which tells me they're about to release the house for sale, wahooo!

Last week I noticed a large pile of bricks in the back yard and wondered what in the world they could have torn out.  The only brick in these houses are at the front and back of the house, and in the basement where the built in garage is separated from the rest of the basement.  Isn't that a large pile??

(see my shadow, LOL)

But they had a plan I guess; they must have torn out the separating wall (I hope it wasn't a load-bearing wall!) and they redid the garage.

I don't know what it looked like before they rebuilt it, I've never been in the basement of that house.  In fact, as long as I've lived next door to the Mitchells I've never been any further than the first floor.  They put another door in at the right (out of camera range) that, in my house, would lead into the 1/2 bath?  But I'm sure it's all good.

Well, have a great Friday everybody; sew forth and sew on


  1. Your photo stream is great fun to watch; I love the free look of your blocks. This is on my list to do. I even organized my solids and put them in a basket on a shelf, easy to make a small block. Thanks!

  2. This my favorite of your 4 inch blocks so far. I can imagine an entire quilt made of these, but it would likely take forever to complete. However, it would be worth it!


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